Winning War On Cancer. Dr. Rath’s Theory, Conclusion.


A Victory over Cancer’ through natural, non-patentable means.


Was it a  surprise for you to learn about the comprehensive benefits of micronutrients in blocking and even reversing cancer and the cellular mechanisms that have gone bad?.

By not relying on individual micronutrients

But taking advantage of the positive and mutually reinforcing interaction of individual micronutrients, not just of individual micronutrients it’s possible to unleash the full potential of Nature and activate the self-healing ability of the body.

The efforts done in the past by many researchers to control cancer with individual micronutrients and vitamins have been unsuccessful because of the prohibition by the Regulatory agencies around the world of the registration of combinations of micronutrients for preventive and therapeutic purposes.

And the regulatory bodies were simply imposing their rules based on the experiences of pharmaceutical drug companies on interactions to biological substances.

Obviously, interactions of pharmaceutical drugs are the serious often deadly so a major health concern. But not so, of course, for biological substances that work together in billions of biochemical interactions in our body every second.


A totally new direction of micronutrient synergy has been pioneered the At the Rath’s Research Institute

Nutrient Synergy Has Advantages over Individual Micronutrients in Inhibiting the Invasive Potential of Cancer

To prove the advantage of a combination of micronutrients and individual natural compounds in the fight against cancer, the Rath’s researchers set two scientific experiments:

Human cancer cells from connective tissue producing cells (fibrosarcoma) were exposed to two different environments:

1. Cell culture solution supplemented with Green Tea Extracts (GTE), rich in bio-active compounds called polyphenols. This compound is represented in the graph below  in green colour.

2. Cell culture solution supplemented with the same GTE solution as in 1) but – in addition – a composition of micronutrients containing certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  represented in red colour.

The results of these experiments showed that increasing amounts of green tea extract, as well as the nutrient combination, were able to gradually inhibit the production of collagen-digesting enzymes by cancer cells,  however, the green tea extract – when combined with other micronutrients – was much more effective in inhibiting the invasive potential of cancer cells than if used alone.

These results were not limited to fibrosarcoma cells. They were documented also within human liver cancer cells, brain cancer cells (Glioblastoma), breast cancer and other cancer types.



Why should we trust the research results The Rath’s Research Institute?

Be careful when you hear media reports about ‘breakthroughs’ in the fight against cancer,. Pharmaceutical companies are experts in creating media hype to increase the sales of their patented drugs and boost share value of their business.

Dr. Rath’s Research Institute is independent of the influence of the pharmaceutical investment business and from any other private financial interests. Their research has been exclusively financed by people whom they have helped with the results of their scientific research.

Moreover, the Research Institute and the entire group of Dr. Rath companies are 100% owned by non-profit foundations.

Thus, there is no profit motive involved in their diverging the information we have reviewed so far.

Over the years, the Rath’s Institute has become one of the world’s leading research institutions in natural health. The research results have been published in leading scientific journals and presented at international scientific conferences.


You  and I have learned that

  • All types of cancer use the same mechanism to spread through the body.
  • Micronutrients can control all key mechanisms of cancer.
  • Micronutrients working in teams (synergy) are more effective than acting alone.
  • Micronutrients represent an option to fight cancer effectively and safely, without side effects.
  • Micronutrients work through regulation of cell function – as opposed to chemotherapy that works by the intoxication of cells.

Based on this modern understanding of cancer origin and control, this disease can become largely unknown to our future generation.

With the scientific basis for the natural control of cancer presented in this five posts on Dr. Rath’s Theory, we can get three conclusions

  • Victory over cancer is dependent on one factor only: How fast will this information spread worldwide.
  • The implementation of the knowledge presented in this book will help to eliminate cancer as yet another disease that has been haunting mankind in epidemic proportions.
  • The economic savings from using this book as the basis for new public health strategies will save billions in health care costs and reduce the fateful dependency of patients and politicians alike from the strangulating gri of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical investment business thriving on the cancer epidemic.


The informations on the researches  at the Rath’s Institute are currently not being taught at any medical schools anywhere in the world.

To this day, generations of future doctors are being trained in America by three of the world’s leading medical institutions: Harvard Medical School, Sloan Kettering Center, and Stanford University without the basic understanding that the aggressiveness of cancer disease derives from the abuse of natural mechanisms in the body – such as ovulation and leukocyte migration

Generations of future doctors at medical schools around the world don’t learn that this abuse of normal cellular mechanisms is the reason why cancer can so easily escape the body’s defenses.

I hope that the straightforward life-saving information released by the Rath’s Institute could reach the millions of people without any specific training in medicine so that they can understand that the victory over cancer is now in their hands.

Until next time.

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