Winning War On Cancer. Dr. Rath’s Theory, 4th Part.

A Review Of Dr. Matthias Rath’s Theory And Proof On Winning War On Cancer. The-Rath-Institute

Winning The War On Cancer Cancer Through Natural, Non-patentable Means.

Let’s keep learning about the unique and extremely interesting approach on how to win the war on cancer as proposed by Dr. Rath and his collaborators at the  Rath Research Institute in Santa Clara, CA,  where everyone is committed to making ‘health for all’ a reality.

We have seen in the previous posts on Dr. Rath’s Theory, the proof of the ability of micronutrients to inhibit the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells in almost every organ and according to specific nutrient concentration for every organ.


Can micronutrients even block the growth mechanisms of cancer development? The multiplication of cells making up a tumour?

Some cells in our body grow and reproduce frequently,  (blood, intestines and skin cells). Most cells multiply less frequently and a few cell types reproduce rarely, like (bone cells or nerve cells). But for all growth is strictly regulated.

But cancer cells have lost the ability to regulate their own growth, they constantly multiply, they have become immortal and never die. These two factors, continuous growth, and immortality have deadly consequences for the organ where cancer develops. It will take over major part or the entire organ.


The following picture shows a dividing cancer cell from an aggressive bone cancer (Ewing Sarcoma). The nuclei (cores) of the two cell cores are represented by the blue structures,

They have already completely separated. The remaining cell bodies will follow soon.

The Following Experiment Proofs That Tumour Growth Can Be Blocked  By Micronutrients

Equal numbers of bone cancer cells (osteosarcoma) were injected into two groups of mice. One group did not receive any dietary micronutrient supplementation after the cancer cells were applied, the other group did receive a micronutrient supplemented diet.

The following A and B pictures documents the amazing results:


Picture A shows a huge tumour that had developed in a mouse that had not received micronutrient supplementation.

Picture B shows a tumour from an animal receiving high amounts of micronutrients in the diet.

The amazing results were confirmed by the microscopic analysis.

The bottom part of the pictures shows the tissue cross sections of the tumours under high magnification.

The individual tumour cells in both pictures are visible. However, the picture on the left side – without micronutrient supplementation – shows many more dividing cells (brown colour) than the picture on the right side – with micronutrient supplementation.

According to the investigation at the Rate Institute, the growth of all types of human tumours could be inhibited by micronutrients to a varying degree:

  • Breast Cancer 78%
  • Pancreatic Cancer 64%
  • Colon Cancer 63%
  • Fibrosarcoma 59%
  • Melanoma 57%
  • Osteosarcoma 53%
  • Prostate Cancer 47%
  • Lung Cancer 44%
  • Synovial Cancer 44%
  • Liver Cancer 36%
BLOCKING ANGIOGENESIS (The Formation Of New Blood Vessels in Tumours ) WITH MICRONUTRIENT

The formation of new blood vessels that feed the tumour (angiogenesis) is another key mechanism of cancer development because every tumour needs a continuous supply of nutrients in order to grow and expand.

Tumours as small as 1 mm (1/25th of an inch) in size cannot grow without generating new blood vessels to provide their own blood supply.

To induce the formation of these new blood vessels (angiogenesis), cancer cells produce various signal molecules that are being sent out to the nearby blood vessels.

Under the effect of these signal molecules, the cells that form the lining of blood vessels, separate from the ‘mother vessel’ and migrate towards a tumour as the schematic picture of blood vessel formation illustrates


The new blood vessel that has formed from the original one – and is now supplying blood to the tumour – is circled.

The growth of new blood vessels through a tissue requires the restructuring of this entire area. Any restructuring in the human body, in turn, requires the breaking down of collagen and other connective tissue molecules with the help of collagen-digesting enzymes.

The Following Experiment Proofs That Angiogenesis Can Be Blocked  By MIcronutrients.

For this test, the same, the same experimental model as described in the previous pages were used.

Two groups of animals received equal numbers of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) cells but only one group received a micronutrient dense diet.

In the following picture can be clearly seen the network of blood vessels in a tumour formed in mice deprived of micronutrient supplementation.


The microscopic pictures confirmed this observation. The cross-section view of the tumours of animals not receiving micronutrient supplementation

Picture A shows that a tumour had developed a large number of new blood vessels (red structures).

Picture B, the microscopic cross-section of the tumours of animals that received high amounts of micronutrients in the diet showed little or no formation of new blood vessels.

Irrefutable Proof That Angiogenesis Can Be Blocked  By Micronutrients Also In A Human Model.

Because the inhibition of angiogenesis is a central mechanism for controlling cancer, many drug companies are currently spending hundreds of millions of dollars to find new, synthetic inhibitors of angiogenesis which they can then patent and market as anti-cancer drugs. A global market estimated to reach tens of billions of dollars.

Because research results based on micronutrients – all natural substances – are of utmost significance for millions of patients and for the healthcare systems worldwide, At the Rath Institute a further step to verify the role of micronutrients in controlling this important therapeutic mechanism was undertaken.

They chose a system that would eliminate all potential variables when studying the effects of micronutrients on the formation of blood vessels. So blood vessel lining cells (endothelial cells) derived from human umbilical cords were used.

These cells were cultured and exposed to increasing amounts of micronutrients.


The following picture shows that the endothelial cells without micronutrients produced a dense network of capillary ‘pipes’ (Picture A -Control) which are seen as dark lines.

With increasing amounts of micronutrients, the human endothelial cells produced less of these capillary structures (B to D).

At the highest micronutrient concentration (D), the formation of capillaries was completely blocked


Cancer is immortal which means it has the ability to live forever.

As we have seen previously, this is due to a  malfunction of a normal cell cycle originated from an error in the software program, the DNA, in the core(nucleus) of cancer cells.

Therefore a precondition to cause the natural death of cancer cells, consequently to reverse and eliminate cancers, is to turn their  ‘biological switch’ back and cause their natural death.

“Apoptosis” (A Greek-derived word meaning r ‘dropping off’, e.g., like falling leaves), is the mechanism that causes the natural suicide of cancer cells ithe natural death of cells.

Note that Apoptosis is different from “Necrosis” (also a Greek-derived word meaning killing) which is a consequence of an injury from factors external to the cell or to the tissue like what would be caused by chemotherapy, high-energy radiation, and other harmful agents.

Normally between 50 and 70 billion normal cells In the human body each day, die through apoptosis. Cancer cells are the exception.

At the Rath Institute, the process whether micronutrients can induce this natural death in cancer cells and thereby reverse their immortality was studied in great detail, and the researchers were able to identify the genetic and cellular mechanisms involved.

The following picture shows a cancer cell that is undergoing natural death from apoptosis. Characteristic is the rough surface (‘buds’) which contain fragments of the cell breakdown.

Irrefutable Proof That Apoptosis of Cancer Cells Can Be Induced By  Micronutrients

Because in studying the process of apoptosis of cancer cells it is important to visualize the cellular steps involved evaluation under the microscope, certain markers within the cell or the cell core (nucleus) were defined in order to allow the researchers to distinguish the cells undergoing apoptosis from other living cells.


The following picture shows a single melanoma cancer cell undergoing apoptosis. The process was induced by exposing these cells to micronutrients

The cell nucleus is outlined by the white circle.

The red colour inside this circle marks the active process of core breakdown. The darker reddish spots within this red area (under a magnifying glass) represent DNA and related core components packed in small, dense bundles.

Apoptosis starts with the activation of special enzymes – inside the cell – which cause gradual disintegration of all cellular components, including the nucleus.

At a later stage, the cell develops buds on the surface. Finally, the cell shrinks and becomes fragmented into small units that are then disposed of by the white blood cells (phagocytes), which specialize in biological ‘waste removal’.

Whether micronutrients are able to reverse already existing tumours or make them completely an important question in light of the fact that conventional medicine has been largely unable to accomplish this goal.

Chemotherapy, by intoxicating cells, leads to an intermediate remission of cancers, generally followed by its re-occurrence due to the fact that chemotherapy drugs not only attack cancer cells but also all healthy cells, including the cells of the immune system required to fight cancer.

In a series of experiments, skin cancer (melanoma) cells were exposed to increasing concentrations of micronutrients.

In this picture


You can see that markers of these cells the same system described on the previous pages was used: green represents cells that are alive, yellow identifies cells at the stage of early apoptosis (beginning cancer cell suicide) and red means late apoptosis, when the cancer cells are essentially dead.

The upper half of the picture shows the cancer cells exposed to the different concentrations of micronutrients under the microscope. The bottom half of the picture quantifies the percentage of respective cell colors

The results show that at the highest concentration (group C), all cancer cells were found in an advanced stage of apoptosis.Thus proving that micronutrients are a safe way to not only halt the further development of cancer but also to reverse already existing tumours.

Winning The War On Cancer Cancer Through Natural, Non-patentable Means looks very convincing.

Until next time.

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