Why The Primitive People Don’t Get Cancer?


They are proof that sugar cause cancer.

Modern people like sugar and that is the beginning of their own problems or, at least, the answer to the question.

Why does modern human have cancer and primitive humanity does not?

There’s a part of the answer. Well regardless, a well-known substance called amygdalin. has been in the pharmacopeia for almost a hundred years. It was first isolated and described in Germany and it’s been used for therapeutic purposes for a long, long time.

Amygdalin is a substance that is bitter, and it’s found in seeds principally. They have found that in those primitive cultures, those places in the world, where the nutrition, the native diet, is rich in amygdalin foods, the cancer proportion is very low if not zero.

You compare the diet to the same food or you compare that diet to the nutrition of the people in modern cultures where cancer proportions are high, and you find there’s practically no amygdalin at all. It’s just a complete eye-opener.

What are those cultures? like the Hunzas,hunza a population of only 30,000, that lives in what has come to be known as the roof of the world – the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. To be more precise, the Hunza country is situated at the extreme northern point of India, where the borders of Kashmir, China, India, and Afghanistan converge.

The tale Shangri-La (everybody knows the histories of Shangri-La), they say, was actually written located upon Hunza as the framework.  Well, Hunza’s pretty much like that. It’s very remote. They reside in an inaccessible valley about 3000 meters (9000 feet) above sea level, are more or less completely cut off from the outside world. It is also said that they are the happiest people on earth.

It’s kind of a primitive culture and a man’s property was measured by the number of apricot trees he owns. People snack apricot seeds there, a bit sweeter than the ones in California but still loaded with amygdalin and they eat them like candy.

The people in Hunza never had cancer but subsequently when they come out of Hunza and they go into other countries and they start eating the same foods that those people ingest they come down with cancer like everyone else. In Hunza, at the least in the beginning, when all this research on them was done, there was no such occasion as money

Well, the Hunza is just one example of primitive people who don’t get cancer. There are other cultures, the Vilcabamba’s, the Navajo and Hopi Indians, the aboriginal Eskimos. All of those cultures have zero or very low cancer rates. If you look at the native diet, in every example their foods are at least 200 times, if not more, rich in amygdalin than anything that you would find in a major metropolitan or even in the countryside in our western world.


They grow fruit. In the summertime, they have apricots which they’re actually famous for. They grow other stone fruits, they probably have cherries and apples, things like that, but it’s a relatively short growing season and once it’s over there you know they don’t have those things so likely, they store what they can for the rest of the year because most of the year they can’t grow anything.

They live in an elevation where there are no trees, they don’t have firewood, they don’t have natural gas, they don’t have coal, they don’t have access to these things so they eat very little cooked food they’ve never eaten much-cooked food because they simply don’t have the resources to cook.

They certainly live in a place where the air is pure, where they get plenty of sunlight, and because almost everyone is involved in some kind of physical labor everyone’s involved in using their bodies.   They don’t eat a lot of food because they don’t have a lot of food so they’re minimizing their caloric intake eating no more than they really need.

Very likely they run out of food every winter and they don’t eat anything for at least a month every year so everybody fasts and they just rest in those months. 

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