The Natural Skin Cleanse, Health Foundation #5

The Skin Cleanse, like all the other organ cleanses is another important piece in the arsenal of the natural remedies for all diseases.

I wish to add that this, like other organ cleanses, has to be taken at least once a year by everyone just for regular health maintenance, and more often -and according to their specific cure protocol, by people affected with serious and even deadly disease who have to fight hard to regain their health.

What Is The Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 1.5-2 square meters and 3.5-10 kilos of weight.

Composition Of The Skin

The skin is composed of three layers:

The outermost layer, called epidermis, provides a protection from environmental factors. About 4 mm thick, itskin structure rebuilds itself every 4-5 weeks. Produces and stores the skin pigment, the melanin, which protects from the harmful UV rays.

The epidermis main cells are called keratinocytes. The cells which protect from the UV radiations are the Melanocytes. And the Corneocytes constitute the very outer layer of the epidermis.

The intermediate layer, called dermis, constitute the robust elastic consistency of the skin. it hold the network of nerve fibres and blood vessel the carry the nutrients for all the skin.

The dermis include the sweat glands, the hair follicles, and the sebaceous glands.the

The deepest layer,  called subcutis or hypodermis, made of fat and connective tissue, protects bones and joints from external shocks and insulates the body. Like the dermis, it has blood and lymph vessels.

Functions Of The Skin

So we think the skin is rather useful just because

  • it acts as a transfer of informations from the outside world to your brain,
  • it regulates the body temperature, synthesises sunlight into vitamin D,
  • it protects from environmental threats of water and sun, and from germs.

BUT that is not all, folks.


A task  which is very much overlooked by most people.

When it should not, in fact, skin health is so important that it is also called “the third kidney,” because many of its functions of eliminations of wastes from the body are similar to those of the kidneys.

So the skin is an organ which needs cleansing too to allow it to eliminate regularly all the toxins accumulated in your body.

And it is especially important if you are on a detoxifying program or disease cure which always cause a larger than normal flow of toxins move into your body looking for a way out. These toxins in large amounts will cause you to be sick, nauseous, dizzy, with headaches and urge to vomit.

When your  body gets flooded with any amounts of poisons, all its systems are overloaded and the skin’s ability to helpblemished skin
purify the body is a fundamental factor. 
You can see how the skin is utilized to do the work because all sorts of eruptions, odors, colors, and blemishes will appear on it.

In iridology, (analysis of iris structure and pigmentation to provide information about one’s health)  the efficiency of your skin in the elimination of toxins is checked through the examination of the coloured portion of the eye, called iris. If the colour there is very dark and dense (a condition called “scurf rim”), that means that the skin is partially blocked therefore its elimination efficiency is impaired.

So the skin has to be cleaned, opened up.

How To Cleanse The Skin

loofah spongeThat can be achieved by vigorously brushing it with a quality vegetable-bristle skin brushbrush which you can purchase at your
pharmacy or health food store.

  • Start with the front of the body and have someone do it down the back, until you feel a warm glow all over.
  • Then take a hot shower and remove the layers of dead skin loosened by briskly rubbing yourself with  a loofah sponge and a small amount
    of pure soap (castile or other)

Always use a minimal amount of soap to wash as heavy soaping tends to wash all the skin oils off and cannatural soap
cause the skin to overproduce oil in order to compensate.

(Also the hair should be shampoo-cleaned rather frequently with a non-chemical soap or shampoo).

  • Always end the shower by turning the water to cool and then to warm. And you can do it several times. Go from hot to cold and back several times.

As you  become accustomed to the temperature change the tiny muscles in the skin, get exercised to control dilation and contraction of the pores. As the skin muscles become stronger, they can respond better to the physiological demands of the body.

  • To restore and strengthen the acid mantle of the skin, Immediately after the cleaning shower, sit for 5-10tub bath  minutes in the tub filled with warm water added of  a cup of apple cider vinegar
  • Finish the treatment drying the skin rubbing it briskly with a towel until you feel warmed up.

Epsom saltsAlso another measure can be taken after the cleaning/brushing shower. It is very effective to draw toxins out of the skin  when you feel especially bad as when you are going to a detoxification crisis (Herxhimer reaction). It consists of tub baths with  Epsom salt dissolved in warm water.

Fill the tub is with warm to hot water and dissolve 4 or more cups of Epsom salts in it.

You can take this bath whenever you feel very tense and/or have sore muscles. It is quite relaxing

Additionally, if you are on a cancer cure protocol, you  should have your skin rubbed once a week at least, or every 4 days -but for four weeks only, with a mixture in equal parts of olive oil and castor oil.

  1. Follow the rub with a 15 minutes hot soaking bath which will allow the oil to penetrate.
  2. Then you should stay heavily covered for about one hour to create a hot environment for the body the which willcastor oil help the skin sweat the poisons out.
  3. Then finish the treatment with a cleansing shower. 

This treatment may be discontinued after you have been on the cancer cure protocol for three months.

Like always, please feel free to contact me if you need further information or have any question.

Until next time.

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