Soy Myths Exposed: The Dangers of Soy

Internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the dangers and side effects of soy based foods and why you should avoid soy infant formulas.

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A doctor taught me to never take pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. I have made efforts to learn everything about natural cures and healing since.


  1. Thank you so much. Disheartening. But great info to have.

  2. In Japan Okinawa the longest lived people eat a soy often but it is mostly
    fermented so that’s the key because its a really amazing food.

  3. Great info thanks Dr.

  4. Oh my glob.,, i love you doc. U answered a lot if not all my questions…
    You speak almost crystal clear..

  5. Maurice Trepanier

    A few years ago I used to get all the Ensure Health drinks free. After
    about a year or so later I realized that this was making me sick I will not
    take any foods that has soy in it.

  6. thank you for this info, I thought my doctor was crazy when he said stop
    eating tofu

  7. its because of this GMO process to increase production and gain profits
    companies try to alternate soy beans genes which makes it toxic to people.
    Greed is still the root cause. I magine soy beans is good foood long
    before people alternate their genes…..

  8. GMO soy is population control by Gov. Deal with it.

    • Patriot Jefferson

      Forget organic soy, it has nothing to do with gmos.
      ALL SOY is bad.
      It shuts off your bodies production of Killer cells.
      They are the cells responsible for destroying cancerous cells in your body.
      They’re in everyone’s bodies, so we need our killer cells in production
      working, doing their job.
      When you shut off their production, cancer cells pile up & you get cancer

  9. No wonder we get cancer

  10. Trouble is, try to avoid soy, it’s almost impossible, especially if you
    work where you have to eat out. I though perhaps Panda was healthier than
    MacDonald’s, but no, they actually BRAG about using 100 percent SOY oil in
    all their cooking. So does Long John Silver’s, Cane’s chicken, and I would
    bet 99 percent of anything you eat out that’s fried, whether it’s in the
    pan, wok, or deep fryer.

    Then look at the labels on your store bought groceries. Soy is in almost
    EVERYTHING. In fact it’s more common than corn syrup and hydrogenated
    oils, also bad stuff. You can’t even find any chocolate now that does not
    have soy in it.

    How the hell did we get in this mess? At least in America, it seems like
    90 percent or more of our diet is crap that nobody in the world has eaten
    in the last 10,000 years. ALL of our wheat is modified, hybridized, and
    looks nothing like the wheat that God created and the world at since time
    began. Even our fruits and vegetables suck, have no taste, and no
    nutrition. When is the last time you ate a delicious tomato, apple, or
    orange? For some of you, you don’t even know what that is.

    Then we feed our livestock all this crap, that’s also tainted with mold and
    mycotoxins, then shoot them up with antiobiotics
    and hormones, and eat those animals as well.


    • +BeulahLips It’s not impossible or even difficult, you just have to be
      aware, smart and not eat pre-packed processed crap.

  11. i became aware of this back in 2007, i have reduced food that contains soy
    by at least 75% and my health has improved a lot, i have pissed off a lot
    of people by doing this, i don’t care, this video is truth, soy is crap,
    however it is good for making paint and varnish products.

  12. Now, this logical explanation I’ll buy. 

  13. I used to consume a lot of soy products, until one day it dawned on me that
    when I consume soy products, I started to have pms symptoms on a more
    permanent basis. I stopped eating anything with soy and I felt somewhat
    normal. It wasn’t until 2 years later that found out that soy significantly
    affects hormone levels in men and women. I thought to myself wow so it
    wasn’t “all in my head”after all. 

    • +Kay Vonlanthen
      I started to drink coconut milk instead. Ive never cooked with it, but it
      taste great by itself or with cereal. I never was a fan of dairy milk, and
      the nutritional value of coconut milk is higher than dairy milk. Hope this

    • Kintaro Takanori

      thanks. yeah i stopped drinking milk 3 years ago. i heard coconut is not
      thaaaat good though :/ man its really hard to get right facts. you hear
      stuff here and there and u always have to do your research yourself. takes
      years ^^ but its worth doing. thanks again!

    • soy is crap, you are correct

    • +1helluvawomen what brand do you buy?

    • +Slipz Sanz You may not agree with what is being discussed, but be a big
      girl and learn to articulate yourself so that you don’t have to resort to
      name calling.Why don’t you go enjoy yourself a cup of warm soy milk and
      cookies. Be Well. 🙂

  14. soy messes up my periods making them heavier, longer and pms longer lasting
    and more intense, so does flaxseed and it’s oil too. my migraines get worse

  15. writingsinthesky

    For what it is worth here is my experience with soy: I bought soy milk on
    advice of acupunture Dr. and doubtful, but with a scratch of head and an
    okay, drank it. It came right back up! I tried tempeh some years ago.
    Tasted good. I think it is still in my intestines. Re soy – as for me, I
    just say no. 

  16. I almost died because I ate soy. Soy is a poison!

  17. how do you know it´s because of soy?

  18. if you paid attention to this, the only health concern is of thyroid
    function and for men the estrogen can be a threat to your man hood. So this
    doesn’t make you unhealthy like you’ve interpreted.

  19. Soy drove my period crazy. Sixty days, heavy flow. 

  20. I dont know about gluten, but casein might not be the problem, since soy is
    littered everywhere in the cattle feeds and other stuff, so some amout will
    go to dairy products obviously.

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