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Many of us when we’re told we have cancer immediately we think: I’m going to put it in the hands of an oncologist and I’m going to do just what he will tell me.

Is that a mistake? Is there more we can do?

According to Dr. Blaylock, a neurologist and cancer surgeon, that’s a very high mistake because what happened to the oncology world is that it’s become pure pharmaceutical and they’re trained just about what regimen of drugs you use and the latest new regimen of cancer-treating drugs.

Yet in their own journals there’s just a proliferation of Studies on natural ways to control cancer and the cancer researchers, the people who’s really looking at this, what they’re finding is that it’s the natural substances that in many cases are much more effective than the drugs and will reduce the toxicity of drugs, or make the drugs more effective in many cases and solve many of the problems that have plagued the oncologist since the very beginning.

And that is the leading cause of cancer chemotherapy failure.

The best approach to cancer cure depends on the type of cancer.

Some cancers are showing response of the chemotherapy agent against cancer, for instance,  leukemias, lymphomas, and certain type of bone tumors are fairly responsive to it but what we’re finding is if you take the natural substances these extracts like the curcumin, the quercetin and if you add that to the  chemotherapy agent you get much greater response, in ffact a tremendous response, and you reduce the toxicity at the same time so that it protects the normal cells and targets only the cancer cell so your success rate of curing that patient, the goal that you’re seeking, it’s significantly greater now.

In some other cancers that don’t respond to chemotherapy whatsoever, In that case, dr. Blaylock recommends relying only on combinations of the nutrients because the success against these incurable cancers by chemotherapy many of them are becoming curable or controllable or people are living a lot longer significantly longer.  Yet while this is being seen worldwide it’s still largely ignored by a traditional oncologist.

Well if we look at all cancers here are the things we know most cancers are due to poor nutrition really. Most authorities agree on that for  some say 50% of all cancers, that’s the most agreed-upon number, but some say 70  and some say 90%, And some say all cancers are nutritional because what we look at if we look at certain societies where they’re isolated and they eat a particular diet none of them developed cancer or it’s a rare disease. If we look at other societies that are completely separate they eat a similar diet there’s no such thing as cancer it’s extremely rare of any kind it used to be that way in this country so now is considered a disease of the Western diet.


So when we look in Western countries we see these enormous rates of cancers of all kinds now we can’t ignore that  the only difference between these two groups of people is once eating a diet that leaves certain things out and uses other things and the other ones consuming things that seem to promote cancer well our science of this has improved so much now we know a lot of why there’s a dip such as tremendous difference one is eating omega-6 oils.

Omega 6 like corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, canola oil, for fried food are powerful cancer stimulants.  There have been 97 well-done studies demonstrating that it is a potent stimulant for the development and growth and invasion of cancer.  When we look at people that have the highest intake of these fats they have the most aggressive tumors and they’re less likely to survive their cancer. This is true for breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, all the major cancers. They grow much faster if you consume them.

Americans consume 50 times more of these types of fats then they should be.

These types of fats include the oils that we fry foods: corn oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, or canola oil, the six. This is every day we get to all of them. They have been shown these in experimental studies and in human studies to promote massively the growth of cancer.

The six are in everything we do and they’re all around us we’re consuming fifty times or more than we should so if we attempt to cut it all out we’re not going to cut it all out but we’re probably going to be okay, then omega-6 oils is an essential oil we have to have it through our body cannot make that but just eating your ordinary foods you’re going to get all the six you need if  it’s pure food  freshly prepared.

It’s the processed foods that they’re adding these oils to in large amount. They’re hitting it’s in the baked good, it’s in your bread, it’s and the fried foods you’re eating, it’s almost in everything that is processed it’s omega-6 fats. Well, it is there because the American Heart Association told it was heart-healthy and encouraged people to use corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower, instead of saturated fat.


Saturated fats are not connected to cancer now only the six fats are, so their recommendation has massively increased cancer in this country and it also ironically increases atherosclerosis and heart disease.

So the first point is we gotta straighten out our fatty acids now before we go to the next big point there is a special fat that helps to kill cancer cells GLA in borage seed oil t because of their chemical structure

The omega-6 oil is metabolized to produce an immune suppressant and an inflammatory component called PGE2 prostaglandin e2 so when you eat a lot of these oils you’re producing tremendous inflammation in your body chronically. Well we know virtually all cancer is related to chronic inflammation, this is one of the things we’ve learned from the 100 billion dollar-plus we spent on cancer research is that inflammation causes cancer. If you take a simple substance added to foods carrageenan and injected it in an animal they would develop rampant explosive cancer because carrageenan is a powerful inflammatory substance.

The first point to make is correct your omegas, get yourself in the balance to counter the inflammation first.

Until next time.

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