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I want to tell you why a Blog On Natural Healing is here.

Best Natural Cures, Home Remedies And Healing For Major Diseases, 


And also from my aversion to the disinformation and even the false information purposely conveyed to the public by the ignorant and corrupt media about our health and the remedies necessary to cure our diseases just for the benefit of the major players in the health industry.

 I know this might sound like an arrogant statement but I have lived long enough to see this really happen and I have understood WHY this happens, and I am sincerely so mad that this keeps going on and on, and increasing year after year, that I want to do from my side whatever I can to stop this killing.

You know, we are born healthy -most of us at least, then for some of us slowly, sometimes unfortunately even from very early in life,  as young persons, our health starts failing to give us any sort of problems, and we think that running to our doctors is the only chance we have to recover our health because we are desperate to find help.

So whom can we turn to to get the help we need?

But to our doctors of course, because we have been brainwashed to come to believe that they are like Gods on Earth, who have supreme knowledge of life and death and power over them.  And we want LIFE, right?

Well, sadly it is just there where the real downfall inexorably begins for us. 

Because when we go to the doctor we are immediately prescribed a number of medicines, a long list of lab tests to undertake, and endless examinations -more or less invasive, to undergo.  And we, faithfully believers, gulp down any medicines and submit to whatever manipulations of our bodies as we are ordered.

After a while, as we see that our health does not recover at all, as we hoped for,  rather it gets unsatisfactorily, disturbingly stabilized, or is getting worse (as it is always the case), instead of asking us “why”, we go back to the doctor desperately asking for and submitting to even more intense medicinal treatments.  By this time we have gulped down more pills than food, we have undergone all possible sort of invasive procedures and even serious surgeries. 

But even at this point most of us do not realize yet what all that “curing” has done to us: we have become chronically ill persons. Even worse, additional illnesses are quickly taking hold of us as time goes on. It is sad to say that we are fu..ed indeed.

What are the reasons for this inevitable decline?  Of this seemingly inevitable insane stupid running towards impairment and death? Just one answer most of you would not have thought about before: MEDICINES and MEDICINES, of course.

Is it still a surprise for many of you that antidepressant drugs do not work and are still being falsely promoted as effective by the pharmaceutical industry?;  that statins suck and create more harm than good?; that coronary bypass surgery fails to prolong life, making it one of the most expensive “scientifically” supported lies of all time?; that antihypertensive drugs fail a majority of the time? that our governments are incapable of following a sane monetary plan? And on and on…

Well, you have to realize once for all that, there are NO good medicines, period. 

And you know why? simply because they are just chemical products which do not have anything to do with our bodies, so how could they be good for us?  They can only do us harm. 

Allopathic Medicine utilizes poisonous substances in non-lethal dosages in order to suppress symptoms. This does not address the cause of the disease nor is responsible for the healing of the patient. The medicine will just temporarily mask the manifestations of the malady, while at the same time, drive the disease deeper into the body which will reappear at a later date, as a more serious, and chronic health threat.

Medicines are just deadly poisons but of a very intelligent kind.  

These products are skilfully designed just to falsely make us feel, at least for a few days after we have swallowed them,  that we are being cured and we are getting better indeed so that we can keep buying and taking them, the which makes those companies richer and richer and us sicker and sicker. 

Because all pharmaceuticals are toxic, meaning have side effects, we actually can redefine that the side effects are actually the main effects, exactly what you would expect from taking any toxic substance.

If you seek the solution to your physical ills in conventional medicine, what happens is that in curing a symptom, you create others. All pharmaceutical drugs and other conventional medicine practices have side effects that are much larger than you think, and will lock you into a never-ending circle of health problems.

A contribution to magnify this state of things is the daily invasion in our lives and the brainwashing we undergo by the continuous  deafening, irresponsible bombardment by the mass media with deceiving ads and info’s about what we have to do with our lives which contribute  to creating a large mass of stupid individuals, blind followers of those opportunistic teachings created just for the interest of very few and of great detriment for the masses.

You listen to their television ads: “Have You Taken This Important Test…?” , “You Could Have This Serious Disease Without Knowing It…”,   “Have You Asked Your Doctor To Check You For This Condition…?”,   “Take Advantage Of The Week Of Free Testing For….”   They are all made to push you into the deadly embrace of Big Pharma……..

Well, just to stick to the God-Doctors theme, remember that the majority of them are just plain mediocre careless individuals, not more intelligent than You and I are, sometimes even plain dumb (I have known doctors so stupid to take their own medicines and never asking themselves why they were never healing). Doctors have been trained in Universities -mostly subsidized by the big pharmaceutical companies, to do just two things and only two things: a) RECOGNISE the disease; and, b)  PRESCRIBE the products the pharmaceutical companies create for that disease. and nothing else

These “Gods”  know very little about nutrition, healthy lifestyle guidelines, disease prevention, alternative cures, natural remedies or, more likely, they just do not give a damn about it because they get a lot of monetary incentives to write as many prescriptions, and request as many tests and surgeries as they possibly can  (you have to understand that also the  health machinery manufacturers, the test labs owners and the Health Insurance Companies have a great interest in you health, therefore they too want their share of the cake -read your money).

It looks as if their purpose (Pharma, & Company) is to very slowly (it would not be economically convenient to do it too fast) kill as many people as they can.  I am just saying that to follow the path of modern conventional medicine is the sure way to get on the path of long-suffering and painful death.

Ask yourself: have you ever known of anyone who has been cured by conventional medicine for whatever disease: diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, high cholesterol, liver problems, cancer, and who got his/her health back? You know the answer, and I do not need to know your answer.

So, don’t trust your doctor just because he is a doctor. He is just a pharmacologic drug pusher who’s after your money only. Be aware:

If they don’t Torture you or Kill you, they will Bankrupt You.

So this explains the reason of my blog:  Make people aware that there are natural remedies, natural cures for all major diseases out there, and I want to tell you about and find more of them as much as I can, hoping someone will benefit from it.

And the following is the first most important step you need to take,  the first, fundamental cure you have to start with if you want to regain or maintain your good health:  

Gradually reduce the amount, until you get completely rid of all the prescription drugs you are taking.

Using natural healing methods may help you to reduce and even eliminate medicines that could be doing you more harm than good in the long term.

After that, an equally important step is to read and apply integrally, if you wish, the recommendations provided in the Ebook How To Never Get Sick….

I know it is natural to feel lost when we get sick.   Sickness terrifies us because we feel impotent, we feel we do not have any power to fight it. We become like frightened little children and can only seek help from the supposedly powerful ones that we have been lead to believe they have the power to heal us.


  • do believe that nothing but the nature that God has created for us can heal you.
  • do believe that You can use that power to heal.
  • do believe that If you live according to nature you will never get sick, and you will always heal if you are sick.

God has given you the nature to heal yourself with, not synthetic drugs,  believe in it and use it. That is your power and it is greater than anything else.  Because you get sick when you do not live in harmony with the nature of the world that God has given you.

Use only what is in the nature to stay healthy and to heal.  And do not fear sickness anymore. Have faith in God’s nature, live according to its rules and you will be healthy.

And stay assured that here at Best Natural Cures, Home Remedies And Healing For Major Diseases, we will do as much as we possibly can to provide you with the best relevant information to keep you healthy or restore your health.

from Genesis 1:29-30 (NIV)

29.  then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

30.  and to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground – everything that has a breath of life in it- I give every green plant for food. And it was so.

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