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1. Introduction.


Because we contribute to your  diseases just as we contribute to our health, When we get sick and are diagnosed with a disease of any kind, especially a more serious one like cancer, we should ask ourselves:

  • What did I put in my mouth?.
  • What did I put on my body?
  • What air quality do I get where I live and work?
  • What vaccine have I been injected?
  • What medication have I taken?

Because all these things matter a lot when it comes to understanding why you got sick. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason.


Cancer is the accumulation of multiple health-destroying factors that all add up in your life one at a time or all the same time.

Basically, the way you’re living is making or killing you.

But always bear in mind that the way you are has nothing to do with bad luck or chance: it is your choices the can make the difference between health and sickness, life and death. Just accept responsibility for your situation and set yourself to change everything you can.

And in case you have been diagnosed with the worst of all, with the “immortal sickness” and even if you’re already undergoing the conventional treatment your doctor ordered you or not, there is still much more that you can do to heal yourself

You are at this point now because most of your dietary and lifestyle choices that you’ve made have affected your health, so now you need to make some changes.


About cancer disease, it has been understood by now that everyone develops pre-cancerous and cancerous cells in their body but not everyone develops tumors and that the difference is in their immune system.

The job of the immune system is to identify and eliminate, besides viruses, bacteria, etc., the mutated cancer cells.

For a variety of reasons, cells in your body can become injured, their DNA gets damaged by those substances that you get into yourself by means of food, air breathed, skin contact. medicines you take, vaccines you have been injected, etc.  

When this happens they usually try to repair or kill themselves  But in some cases, their DNA is damaged in a way that it mutates itself and in a way that the cell instead of living the lifespan they are programmed for (days, weeks, or months ) they become immortal, proliferate uncontrollably thus  starting to generate other immortal daughter cells.

Recently it’s been found that Cancer cells start leaving their birth site and move to other areas of the body, metastasising them, much before the tumour is detected (which is possible when the size of the tumour reaches 1 millimetre at which point it can contain already approx. up to even 1 million cancer cells and has been growing for six years). So when cancer is found it’s too late, cancer cells are already circulating through your body.

A tumor or lesion in your body indicates that your immune system is either damaged or suppressed or maybe both. You have created your cancer but you can heal your cancer too.

There are well hidden and accurately silenced by the media testimonials of thousands of persons who have healed naturally their cancer even from advanced terminal stages and after they underwent the traditional surgery, chemo and radiation therapies offered by the medical establishment.

And I believe that healing is possible if you change the way you’re living, and if you remove ALL of the cancer-causing factors in your life.

It has been estimated that more than 75-90% of cancers are caused by our diet, lifestyle, and environment, only less than 5% of cancers are genetic.

We inherit both good genes, and some bad genes but it is your diet, lifestyle, and environment the will contribute to how your genes are going to express themselves. In fact, not every woman with the breast cancer gene gets breast cancer.

The right diet, lifestyle behavior and the environment in which you live can turn on your good, cancer-preventing genes as possible and can turn off the bad, cancer-causing genes.

So it is not genetics by itself that can determine your risk to get cancer, it will be your, diet, lifestyle and environment that will determine the outcome.

And if you are at higher risk of cancer, because your parents had the disease and, you live the way they lived, your risk will increase but if your lifestyle is radically different your risk of getting cancer will be much lower because of our choices matter.


Reduce your toxic load, the stress in your life, the harm in your environment to prevent and heal cancer.

Reducing the toxic load is especially important because your body lives of what you put in your mouth: if you eat junk food your body gets toxic and polluted. You must eat high-quality raw materials from the earth not processed food from the shelves of your supermarket.

It’s not difficult to know where your problems are coming from when you get sick: just ask yourself if you have been taking care of yourself and where you think your problem is coming from and your instincts and your intuition will give you the correct answer.

And you answer will not be not “just bad luck” or “my genetics”, you will know what you have done wrong, and you don’t need your doctor’s explanation of why that happened nor depend on his/her advise because you can take control of the situation by yourself.

It is up to you now what you want to do and you have three choices:

  • undergo all the treatments your doctor will recommend,
  • fight the disease using natural therapies or
  • just keep doing what you are doing and trying to enjoy as much as possible of what portion of life has remained to you.

Just don’t do anything you don’t want to do, whatever it is.

But if you DO want to live, beat the disease and heal the body you need to commit totally to it,  to take full responsibility for your health, to take massive action, to be ready to do whatever it takes to get well.

Massive action means that you have to make a total life change, do not think that just one pill, one herb, one supplement, one food, is going to cure your disease.

People who have gone this way have kept up the continuous fight for about at least two years to be able to see shrinking or even disappearance of their tutors.

Because of the average cell life duration, with a total life change, you will have an entirely new body in just a year, you will have rebuilt it. Think about it constantly for everything good that you do or eat: “I’m building my new healthy body”.

Usually you will start feeling great just after a few months of your new lifestyle, the tumor will start shrinking and even disappear but don’t get complacent with those results watch carefully that you don’t sleep back to your old habits because cancer takes quick advantage of that and will come back or regrow quickly, and when it does. the situation goes downhill really fast.

If the results of your lifestyle changes don’t show up quickly don’t get impatient don’t get tempted by the doubt that perhaps you should follow your doctor’s advice and get talked into surgery, chemo or radiation therapy because if you do so you will suffer.

One year ago a friend of mine was diagnosed. She had always been a blind believer in “my doctor” so when she was told she had cancer she immediately agreed to undergo surgery and then radiation therapy as she had been recommended, of course.  Quickly afterward She started getting depressed, weak and lost large amounts of body mass right away, the radiation had burned her mouth so she could barely talk and ate very little for lack of hunger and complete loss of taste. The radiation also burned one eye blind. She suffered terribly for one year which is exactly the time she lasted since she was diagnosed.


It is normal to get afraid and panicky when one is diagnosed. People have been conditioned to fear by the medical and cancer industry, that preaches that there’s nothing you can do if you want to survive, perhaps, just a couple of years longer but undergo the painful horrible treatments they make available to you: surgery, chemo, and radiation. People are more afraid of those than of death itself.

It’s normal to be afraid of the suffering caused by surgery, chemo, and radiation.

But keep cool and judgemental  and do not let fear dictate your decision-making process,

Fear will usually make you take the wrong decisions.

Just calm down, when you are told that you are sick. Take a deep breath and think. You have time (unless you are in an immediate life-threatening situation like a huge tumor that’s blocking your windpipe or your digestive tract, therefore you need immediate surgery)

You have time to learn and research about your disease. 

Don’t throw yourself immediately into the arms of your doctors who just wants you to get their treatments right away because “there is no time to lose”, “the sooner we act the more chances of cure you will have”, If you don’t get treated this way and right away, you’re going to die in a very short time”,  “ we have to book you immediately for treatment before you leave the office today”

Don’t be afraid.

Like most of the cancer patients, you have all the time to read, research and learn what your options are. You have time to change your life.

Don’t rush into anything and don’t let anyone rush you into anything which you don’t have a feeling for.

You have time.

Usually, most cancers are slow growing, cancers grow in your body for a long time, many years. Ask your doctor if your cancer is a slow or a fast-growing one. And if he is honest and confirms that it is a slow one tell him that you need more time to think about it and want to delay treatment.

If they don’t give you permission to delay treatment then you have to decide whether or not you want to go against your doctor’s advice.

Of course, if you decide to delay or to refuse conventional cancer treatment be ready to have almost everyone, relatives, and many acquaintances tell you you’re wrong and that you’re making a mistake.

You should expect and be prepared to be met with the opposition not only of doctors but of family members too. They will create a lot of stress and anxiety in your life.

And to stop them you will have to explain why you are doing that.

Just go the way you choose, don’t get distracted by other. You don’t need to tell your doctor everything you’re doing as it will likely be a waste of time because like the majority of oncologists he doesn’t know or has any interest in anything about nutrition or alternative therapies. he’s going to disagree with you anyway.


At the same time try not to isolate yourself because you need friends. So explain to your family and friends why and what you are trying to do to persuade them to stand by your decision.

Find a good a nutritionist/naturopath and an integrative oncologist to support you.

Find online support groups.

It’s easy to find support online today thanks to social media.

There’s a local healing cancer support group called Healing Strong, a non-profit organization https://healingstrong.org/ for people who are trying to heal cancer get together once a month to share their experiences, helpful information, and to encourage each other.

The support groups you want to stay away from are the conventional cancer patient support groups.Traditional cancer support groups are full of cancer victims, people who are angry, afraid, and unhappy, because they are suffering and most of them aren’t getting well.

They don’t want help, they just want to complain to each other, and they’re just going to turn on you.


Don’t give-up making plans for the future. Make long-term 5-10 year plans.

Don’t let fear and cancer steal your joy. Don’t let cancer paralyze you into depression and inaction, where you just sit at home and feel sorry for yourself.

Depression suppresses your immune system. it makes you more vulnerable to cancer. stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Focus on things that bring you joy, hope, optimism, and encouragement.

And you need to start living your life. Really living.

Start doing things you’ve always wanted to do.

Get out there.

Live your life.

Do fun stuff.

Next time we will identify the many factors (diet and lifestyle, your home and work environment, stress) that are causing and contributing to cancer and discuss the steps you can take to systematically remove them in order to reduce the risk of a recurrence, or of getting cancer in the first place.

Until next time.

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