Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Nutrient Presented by David Brownstein MD

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    pena que está em inglês!

  2. Probably good info — but audio not good.

  3. that space bar. dont think he had headphones on or he would of noticed it.

  4. amazing info. sitting here covered in iodine. never felt better scars are
    vanishing, veins in penis never been so noticeable. mood is amazing felt
    quite serene driving to work, after ye3ars of depressions. also taking
    selenium 400 mcg to 1000mcg per day with a day off here and there. my left
    palm is slightly darker than left from applying lugols iodine all over
    body. so had day off then did skin test on inner thigh and chest both
    dissappeared. using other hand to apply. need other way to paint more on.
    also do salt water flushes when ever i use iodine, drink distilled water
    and use vit d3 and zecgstein mag chloride oil all over body.

  5. She Who Remembers

    I’m still trying to figure out how high cholesterol (fat) causes calcium
    deposits in artery walls. Could it be pesticide/herbicide residue in fats
    and oils causing the inflammation being blamed by statin peddlers and
    chemical/pharma in general, on cholesterol? Iodine does likely help by
    reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. Clogged arteries are possibly
    result of deficiencies in basic nutrients from free radical rich corporate

  6. The truth of iodine effectiveness in health and disease status was hidden by
    Wolff-Chakoff, However, the true never hidden for ever. Iodine in medicine
    is great idea, and it may survive and make great change, like revolution ..
    and thank you indeed. 

  7. Simply excellent. He surely knows his topic.

  8. Tania Southwell

    I’d really love to listen to this but such a poor recording, I miss half of
    what he is saying.

    • T+Tania Southwell Hi Tania, try clicking on the cc in the lower right
      corner of the utube screen; it will produce subtitles that are fairly

  9. RDA = recommended daily allowance 

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