The Natural Colon Cleanse, Health Foundation #2. The Coffee Enema.

The Organ Cleanses are part of the fundamental procedures necessary to complete a successful  process of healing as well as establishing a solid foundation for the prevention and maintenance of a healthy status, thus they are indispensable in the support of natural remedies for all diseases.

Colon Cleanse is done with Coffee Enemas.

Coffee Enemas is a procedure which, because it can powerfully free our body of the toxicity accumulate by years of living in a enema bagultra contaminated environment, has to be rightly considered as one of the fundamental natural remedies for all diseases.

It is a simple procedure which can be done at home using proper equipment for self-administration of an enema.  Basically composed of  a plastic  board  in one-piece construction of proper width to provide comfort and stability. And other accessories. A coffee enema kit

The coffee enema should be taken daily for as long as one is on a Cancer Cure Program.

Because coffee is an excellent solvent for encrusted waste accumulated along the walls of the colon, the coffee enema, besides its beneficial cleaning effects on the colon, it powerfully stimulates liver detoxification.The coffee enema is very stimulating to the liver and is the greatest aid in elimination of the liver’s toxic wastes.

The caffeine directly stimulates the peristaltic muscle which contracts more powerfully and loosen such deposits. Then, gradually, as the protein metabolism of the body improves, the muscle tone of the bowel becomes normal again and thorough evacuation is possible without the aid of the enema.

The proper removal of toxins and debris from the colon is  one absolutely essential procedures in all conditions of disease and ill health.

History of Coffee Enemas 

The first description of an enema was found in the Dead Sea scrolls. These documents, found recently in the State of Israel near the Dead Sea, date back at least 2000 years to the time of Jesus.

The coffee enema may have been first used in modern Western nations as a pain reliever during World War I.  when a nurse was preparing an enema for constipation.  Instead of fetching water for the enema, she accidentally dumped some cool coffee into the patient’s enema bag.  And the wounded soldier felt immediately pain relief.

In more recent times, this procedure, which is  still used as a handbook by physicians the world over,  was listed in the famous Merck Manual  until about 1984.

Dr. Gerson is the man who popularized coffee enemas more than any other and  pioneered nutritional therapy for cancer and other diseases with amazing results.  His therapy combined coffee enemas with a special diet, juices and a few other nutritional supplements.  The enemas were an integral part of the therapy.

Dr. William Kelley, DDS, suggested, as part of his cancer cure protocol, that you do daily coffee enemas.   Dr. Kelley was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and cured himself. He advocated the use of coffee enemas as and aid to detoxify the body and reduce the pain of cancer patients.  He carefully researched natural cancer therapies and evolved a very effective natural approach that used coffee enemas.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, MD.  studied under Dr. Kelley and offers the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy.  It includes the use of coffee enemas, and is quite successful.

What Is A Coffee Enema?

Enema bagA coffee enema is the fastest method to rid your body of all toxins accumulated, particularly important if you are sick.

Our environment and our bodies have to fight daily the cumulative and combined effects of the toxic assault on our bodies that comes from everywhere and make us sick. The levels of some toxic metals are now over a thousand times greater than ever before in history.

And thousand more toxic chemicals are produced every day.

Besides Pesticides and herbicides that are found in our water supplies and in many foods, the laws of most countries now allow the addition of over 3000 chemicals to our food.

The widespread and often overuse of medical prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs , the surgical and dental anesthetics such as novocaine, the vaccine preservatives and stray viruses, and many other poisons used routinely today in the medical profession, the use of recreational drugs such as cigarettes, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamines and the cadmium-containing drug, marijuana, just adds much more toxicity to our already-burdened bodies.

The residues of these substances can remain in the body for decades. And the coffee enema is one  powerful method to help eliminate the toxins which have invaded our bodies. Coffee enemas help with many, if not most diseases and conditions.

The beneficial effects of taking coffee enemas additionally to removing toxins from the body are:

  • Clean and heal the colon
  • Reduce and get rid of many symptoms of general toxicity.  Since toxicity is the cause of dozens of common symptoms from arthritis to cancer,
  • Help with depression, confusion, and general nervous tension.
  • Reduced autointoxication.  Autointoxication is the production of toxins within the body, usually due to the action of bacteria and yeasts upon partially digested food.  Most is the result of fermentation or rotting (putrefaction) and a lot of it occurs in the large intestines causing gas, bloating and foul smelling stools.  And, even if it causes no symptoms, it can damage health significantly.
  • Help reduce yeast and other parasites from the colon.  Some people have colons full of yeast.  Candida Albicans has become a major problem to which some doctors attribute one cause of cancer. It is caused  by excessive consumption of wheat, sugar, fruit, juices, and starches that “feed the yeast” in the intestines being the  the natural food for intestinal yeasts. Other causes of yeast growth are: excessive use of antibiotics, mercury and copper toxicity, mineral deficiencies caused by intake of refined foods, exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Reduce many type of pain.
  • Help eliminate many parasites.
  • Enable patients to get through the healing and purification reactions (Herxhimer reaction).
  • Nutritional effect providing the body with beneficial amounts of selenium, zinc and potassium that can be better absorbed through the wall of the colon.
  • Increased pH or alkalinity of the entire intestinal tract.  This makes it much less hospitable for parasites.  It also helps destroy many other types of infections in the small and large intestines.  This can help improve the quality of the flora of the intestines and reduce dysbiosis or improper bugs in the intestines.
  • Helps remotion of oxidant sources.  These include certain minerals such as iron, copper, manganese and aluminum, among others.
  • Being a mild central nervous stimulant, (but not as toxic as most stimulants), caffeine enema effects include dilation of the bile ducts.  which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall.”

How You Prepare  A Coffee Enema:

colon imageHere’s the description of the exact procedure to make coffee enemas, the recommended way to cleanse your colon, exactly as my doctor taught me to do it. 

1. Prepare the enema the night before you will take it, each day, make a pot of coffee (1 quart). Take it each morning early to allow time to take the enema in relaxe.

2. In the  morning plug in the coffeepot for a few seconds to bring coffee to body temperature; unplug and take the morning coffee enema.

3. The coffee must be regular, non-instant, non-decaffeinated coffee, organic coffee. It must be prepared in enamelware, Corning WareTM, glass or stainless steel. Do not use  Aluminum or Teflon Coffee that is unboiled or prepared via the “drip method” is preferable. 

4. Use 3-4 tablespoons of ground coffee to 1 quart of Filtered Reverse Osmosis (RO) or distilled water only! The number of tablespoons will be adjusted according to how you will feel when taking it the first time.

Note: Filters breed deadly bacteria. If your water supply is dirty a filter will get dirty in less than 30 days — A filter should be changed every 30 days even if your water supply is clean.

5. Never use city water supplies  which is always chlorinated (linked to hardening of the arteries), and fluoridated (strongly linked to cancer and thyroid disease)

Do not use water from a well either because toxic amounts of copper, cadmium, and lead are picked up from the plumbing even if the well is pure. 

You can  purchase a small distilling unit. The distiller should have a valve to permit the escape of gases forming caused by the presence in the water of hidrocarbon contaminants as they gasify otherwise  they will concentrate in the distilled water and will need to be removed by filtering through activated charcoal.

6. If you have experienced that the coffee enema has made you shaky, nervous, or light-headed, the coffee solution is too strong. Adjusted the amount of cofeed from 1 teaspoon to 4 tablespoons per quart of water.

7. The high, retention coffee enema should consist of 1 quart of coffee, held for 15 minutes. If you can retain only a pint (2 cups) of enema solution at a time then take 2 enemas, one right after the other, and hold each for 15 minutes at least

How You Take A Coffee Enema:

A. Unless you are weack or debilitated, before the enema do some form of mild exercise if possible, such as walking briskly. If are extremely debilitated omit this step until you are in better shape.

B. Before taking the enema attempt a normal bowel movement because the enema is more effective if the colon has been evacuated.  However, if there are no regular bowel movements do not be disturbed by it.  In many cases, not enough bulk collects to instigate a normal bowel movement. When no normal bowel movements are forthcoming, the enema cleans the colon adequately.

C. Bulk formers such as MetamucilTM (or other brands of Psyllium Husks)  taken as directed, or 2 tablespoons of  bran with each meal (obtainable at the health food store) are quite helpful in forming stools and thereby creating more normal bowel movements.

D. After the normal bowel movement, and before taking the coffee enema, it is helpful to try and take an enema with only 1 quart of warm RO filtered water or distilled water. You do not have to retain this enema though. This water enema has the purpose to begin the cleansing of the colon, removing large particles of residue and most of the gas. After the water enema has been completed, the coffee retention enema may be taken. The warm water enema is optional and does not need to be taken if the coffee enema can be retained for the desired period.

organic coffeeE. Place 1 quart of coffee in your enema bag or bucket. You may use  a disposable large volume plastic bag, an over-the-counter item from your local pharmacy or hospital supply outlet. 

Always use organic, medium roast coffee for your coffee enema.

F. The enema tip on the end of the hose is not adequate to give a “high enema.” Place a colon tube (DAVOL) size 24 French or 26 French or 28 French on the opposite end of the plastic tube from the enema bag. This colon tube is a soft flexible rubber-like tube around 30 inches in length. It follows the curves and flexure of the colon. The colon tube is usually inserted about 12 to 20 inches into the rectum.  A colon tube of about 18 inches long may be ordered from your pharmacy as an over-the-counter item.

G. Next, allow the coffee to flow to the end of the colon tube, thus eliminating any air in the tube.

H. Lubricate the colon tube should be lubricated with natural lubricant that doesn’t contain additives or chemicals, or Vitamin E cream. Then do the following:

1. Insert the tube 12 to 20 inches into the rectum, if possible. Do it slowly, in a rotating motion that helps to keep the tube from “kinking up” inside the colon.

2. The enema bag should not be over 36 inches higher than the rectum. If it is placed too high, the coffee runs into the colon too fast and under too much pressure, causing discomfort.

enema3.  There are several positions that can be used while inserting the colon tube. Squatting is one. There is also the knee-chest method, with chest and knees on the floor and buttocks in the highest position possible. You could find it easiest to lie on the left side until the solution is out of the bag or bucket. The enema should never be taken while sitting on the toilet or standing.

4. Some people’s colons have kinks or turns in them that may prevent the tube from being inserted even 18 inches. Often, if a little bit of the solution is allowed to flow into the colon as the tube is being inserted, one may get past these kinks.

5.  If a kink bends the tube too much and stops the flow of liquid, then the tube can be inserted only as far as it will go, still allowing the liquid to flow freely.

6. Sometimes, if one hits a kink that stops the flow of the liquid completely,  pull the tube out slowly just to the point where the solution is felt flowing again. Frequently, the tube can be pushed back in, past the turn that previously stopped the liquid.

7.  Because of the shapes and formations of some people’s colons, it will be possible to insert the tube only a few inches,  however, as the colon is cleaned and healed, the tube can eventually be inserted further.

8. Never force the tube when discomfort occurs.

9. After the flow of the solution is completed, it isn’t necessary to remove the tube immediately. Regardless of the position used up to take the enema, you should now lie on the left side for at least 5 minutes, then on the back for another 5 minutes, then on the right side for at least 5-10 minutes.

10. Those who have excessive gas may leave the tube in the colon with the hose clamp open. This allows gas to escape through the enema container. 

11. After the enema is retained for 15 minutes or longer, it may be expelled.

Until next time.

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