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The Organ Cleanses

Are part of the fundamental procedures necessary to complete a successful  process of healing as well as establishing a solid foundation for the prevention and maintenance of a healthy status, thus they are indispensable in the support of natural remedies for all diseases.

Today I want to talk about the Liver Cleanse, or LIVER-GALLBLADDER  FLUSH as it is also called, because it can be considered as part of natural remedies for any major diseases.

LIVERBut it is also just a regular health practice to maintain your liver healthy, and it is basically fundamental to save your gallbladder and spare you an expensive surgical, or other invasive-type gallbladder removal , which is the only thing your doctor will be able to recommend to you, of course.

The most frequent problem with liver is the obstruction of the bile duct from liver to gallbladder, even for very young individuals. 

The modern diet based mainly on refined and processed foods chemically treated lacking nutrients and minerals, together with other stressing factors of today living, like lack of exercise, combined, contributes to altering the chemistry of the bile so that formation of  solid particles happens which keep deposit in the gallbladder and in the lower part of the liver for many years becoming progressively larger and harder. I am talking of GALLSTONES

GALLBLADDER STONESThese gallstones, when accumulated in significant number, restrict the flow of bile thus causing congestion of the liver and consequent poor assimilation of the fat-soluble nutrients which is the cause for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, hair loss, accumulation of calcium in the tissues, headaches, lack of appetite, haemorrhoids and even prostate enlargement in men.

There is one
proven method to remove the gallstones and all the problems related, it is called the Liver-Gallbladder Flush which will restore the regular bile flow the which is necessary also for people who have had their gallbladder removed surgically.

This flush was practiced many years ago at the world famous Lahey Clinic in Boston (MA) and it is recommended for people over 15 years age.

There is a preparation phase to it which starts six days before you actually  flush you liver. And there are four basic elements involved.


  • Apple Juice (or ortho-phosphoric acid). Apple juice contain malic acid and acts as a solvent in the bile to  loosen the stones
  • Epsom Salts (ES) which contain magnesium sulphate. Allows magnesium to be absorbed into the bloodstream thus relaxing smooth muscles; necessary to allow large stones to pass more easily through the relaxed bile duct
  • Unrefined vergin Olive Oil.  Will stimulate the gallbladder to contract with force allowing the expulsion of the stones
  • Coffee Enemas.  A coffee solution to retain in the colon and activate the liver to expel its waste into the bile enhancing bile flow and further relax the bile duct muscle.


apple juiceFor 5 days preceding the actual Flush besides your regular meals, you have to consume as much unsweetened apple juice or apple cider juice as you can (of course organic products).

For peoples with diabetes problems, instead of apple juice take 20 drops of Phosfood liquid (I think you can buy it at  with each meal (60 drops daily).


On the 6th day, at noon, eat a light meal with raw and raw and cooked vegetables, and have fresh apples and drink 2-3 glasses of apple juice. Then:

  • 2 hours after lunch take 1 or 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts dissolved in 3 ounces of warm mineral , or RO filtered,water
  • 4  hours after lunch take the a Coffee Enema. Use 4-6 tablespoons of coffee per quart of water with 3-4 tablespoons of ES dissolved into it.
  • 5 hours after lunch take 1 tablespoon of ES dissolved in a glass of water.Epsom salts
  • 6 hours after lunch have as large  a fruit salad as you like made of fresh fruit, dressed with unpastorized whipping cream. If you fresh fruit is not available use all types of frozen berries can be used. After the meal drink a glass of lemon or orange juice
  • A bedtime t one-half cup of Olive Oil blended with one-half of orange or grapefruit, or diluted lemon juice. If you feel nauseous take 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice.
  • Immediately afterwards take one tablet of hydrochloric acid and go to bed and lie on the right side with the right knee drawn up toward the chin for 30 minutes before going to sleep.

On the seventh day, at wake up, remain in bed if you feel nauseous but try not to vomit then one hour
before breakfast take 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts dissolved in water.

Going to the toelette you should find in the stool stone-type objects of light or dark green color, of irregular shape, gelatinous in texture and of varying sizes from grape seed to cherry size . If you see a large quantity of these objets repeat the flush in two weeks and then once a year.

For this day fast with carrot and celery juice diluted in water at a 50/50 ratio.

Until next time. 

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A doctor taught me to never take pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. I have made efforts to learn everything about natural cures and healing since.

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