FDA Trying to Destroy Vitamin Industry: Dr. David Brownstein Reports

The latest round in conventional medicine’s ongoing attempts to discredit (and ultimately outlaw) nutritional supplements is found in a highly questionable study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which claims that vitamins actually increase the risk of death.

The study claims to have analyzed a collection of previous studies on Vitamin A, beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium, concluding that most of the nutrients are actually dangerous to human health. Of course, this is research from conventional medicine — an industry that promotes patented chemicals as perfectly safe, even though FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are killing 100,000 Americans each year. (Imagine the uproar if vitamins killed even a fraction of that number…)

To avoid getting hoodwinked by questionable research on “vitamins,” you have to strongly consider the financial interests of the source of this research. JAMA accepts millions of dollars in advertising from drug companies each year, and its pages are absolutely packed with drug ads. The American Medical Association, for its part, has long worked to discredit alternative medicine and has even been found guilty by U.S. federal courts of engaging in a conspiracy to destroy chiropractic medicine. The AMA, which is largely considered a joke by anyone familiar with natural health, is hardly a credible source for publishing scientific findings on nutrition. To protect the multi-billion dollar drug industry, the AMA would say practically anything, I believe.

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A doctor taught me to never take pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. I have made efforts to learn everything about natural cures and healing since.


  1. i wish there were a million doctors like him….nearly impossible to find a
    medical professional who is supportive in his protocol. 

  2. Dr. Dave is my hero. His books rock.

  3. I work at a nursing home and am/was studying to be a conventional nurse in
    the medical field. There was a play on our emotions by saying that
    employees could potentially kill the residents with the flu. (That is
    partially true) What ended up happening blew my mind…everyone opted in
    and everyone got seriously ill. It made me start to question what exactly
    society accept from the medical field. I will get the degree, but as I keep
    learning more my faith in conventional medicine is failing.

  4. ItchySmellyScrotum Puff-puff-pass

    FDA are f@#kheads

  5. FDA can suck balls and the acs.

  6. The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews


  7. Crony news media ; bunch of liars. Healthy diet is step #1 for good
    health. Our ancestors generally did well enough and didn’t have Big Pharma,
    et cetera, and this was for many thousands of years. I don’ know if it’s
    true, but the Old Testament of the Bible apparently or purportedly speaks
    of people who lived over 200 years. There was a documentary I believe in
    the 1990s and it was either in part or wholly about a tribe high in the
    Andean mountains ; lifespan, estimated, 150+ years for many

  8. Henry Kissinger et al must feel like their dreams are being realised.
    Nightmare for the rest of us, but that’s not their problem or issue, they
    figure. You get more feedback when speaking to a wall! Actually, activists
    who’ve demonstrated publicly got feedback; police state oppression and, so,
    state fascism. What a way for govt to demonstrate “diplomacy”! Wow!
    Efficient! Ehh? Skip talking ; jump right to police state oppression,
    deception, et cetera, right away. The People are unimportant.

  9. So, they think that if they get rid of the supplements I take, Ill start
    using drugs?? They can certainly go f*** themselves. I’d rather eat dirt
    and grass than take drugs anyday.

  10. If I take a ton of vitamin D (50,000 iu) I can’t eat gluten (bread).

  11. Like the lady who gave her chimp a drug and it tore her friend’s face
    off….animals don.t need drugs unless they need medicene

  12. @DRAKEKSE1 that is why everyone just needs to start growing their own. They
    can’t put everyone in prison they will run out of space. Things are at a
    point now that the governments & law enforcement are losing that tyrannical
    control they’ve repressed societies with for decades and people are
    sticking together which is how things should be. You wanna grow some
    marijuana? Screw prohibition and grow all you can! Occupy greenhouse!
    Sharing is caring and giving is living in our world, but not theirs.

  13. blackyblackblack505

    The whole “nightly news” is awesome.

  14. Do we have any honest journalists who seek the truth these days? Seems to
    me like they just want to sell…. I want to thank Alex Jones for honest
    and transparent news that people really should be paying attention to. We
    can’t trust the mainstream media anymore as they are controlled by

  15. Radioactive Since 1990

    @fiskfarm Sorry, yeah it’s hard to convey in text lol Peace man

  16. @Ninety9Soulz Sarcasm my friend. Of course you get it. Lots of us but
    nearly enough of us “get it” That is the trouble with the written word,
    very hard to convey humor. Most of us here are on the same page so assume
    comradery. Peace!

  17. i love news like this.

  18. Radioactive Since 1990

    @fiskfarm How do I not get it

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