Dr. Mercola’s Top 3 Recommended Supplements

– Discover Dr. Mercola's top 3 supplements that will help you achieve optimal health: Krill Oil, Probiotics and Ubiquinol. These antioxidants will help maintain your great overall health and support your immune system.

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A doctor taught me to never take pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. I have made efforts to learn everything about natural cures and healing since.


  1. hi – I recently started a sample of your antartic krill oil capsules – I
    have been having joint problems for a few years despite my age (28) and
    after three days of taking these I am starting to notice a lessening in
    stiffness and pain in the mornings … will definitely be placing an order-

  2. Me and my dogs love raw milk with cold pressed Hempseed oil..

  3. It all depends on the individual and what works best for them. Nice post.

  4. Krill, Probiotics and Ubiquinol

  5. he also takes Iodine

  6. Great human being. Dr. Mercola!

  7. Very informative..

  8. Ubiquinol is Co Q10. Dr. Mercola recommends strengths far greater than I
    see on shelves in my local stores. I find it’s great for reducing fatigue.
    (I have CFIDS)

  9. Thank you so much for all of your informative videos! I appreciate it so
    much! You are a doctor I feel 100% comfortable trusting! 

  10. Thanks handsome. : ) 

  11. Ubiquinol is the are superior version as it is the reduced version with
    free electrons that allow it to perform its function as an antioxidant.
    CoQ10 is the oxidized or spent portion and can not be used until your body
    reduces it

  12. Is Ubiquinol CO Q 10? 

  13. Thanks for the always helpful videos you put out – we’ve taken Acidophilus
    Bifidus for years – just started taking krill oil – never heard of
    Ubiquionol but will look into it.

  14. And when people won’t listen he will fill their purse full of pills that
    some pretty Ex-Cheerleader who now works for a drug company just sold the
    Doctor on 15 minutes before your appointment.

  15. Okay thank. I’m still doing research on both. I am appreciative of your

  16. would recommend using both. Coconut oil is a healthy fat or food and
    Ubiqinol is an important antioxidant. They serve two different roles

  17. Someone just told me about Dr. Mercola and I am looking at the videos. I
    never heard of Ubiquionol but I am definately interested now. I was going
    to start taking Coconut oil due to its great health benefits but would
    Ubiquinol be a better option as an antioxidant?

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  19. Maybe Europeans would want Krill too if they were aware of the health
    benefits. Also, you don’t have to eat Krill, you take it in pill form.

  20. I tell you, Dr. Mercola is the real deal! :)

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