Dr. Mercola’s Breakfast Recipe

In this video, natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola shares his own breakfast recipe. Watch this video now, and learn more about Dr. Mercola's morning meal!

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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    eating 1000 calories a day. 500 calorie deficit. walk ten miles a day. 1/2
    avocado, cacao, chia, 2 eggs, onions, kale, ginger, greens, beans, seaweed,
    sometimes liver or salmon. 140# 5’8″ do HIIT/weights at night and can’t get
    rid of the belly. What do you suggest? Switched to plant protein eat about
    1/2 of what you eat.

  2. Cut avocados in half, scoop them and freeze them on a tray. Great way of
    buying tons of them when on sale and use them all throughout the year, even
    when they go up in price.

  3. Dr Mercola is a great advert for his recipes. Also, as I am always trying
    to gain weight I am impressed by this high cal, healthy breakfast.

  4. Sounds fantastic I will try this thank you

  5. I used to see you in a tie and stuffy suit, but coming to your home is so
    American. Thank you, Sir. I love being a guest in your home and garden.
    Thank you.

  6. wow its as easy as 1,2,3! hahaha, just kidding. Great work Mercola!

  7. This is a nice ideal for breakfast. I have been using a variation of this
    that includes raw eggs but not as many of the seeds. I would like to see a
    recipe cookbook with plenty more healthy ideas. I have been eating a lot of
    the same stuff every day although I am trying to work in more green veggies
    but many of those have a very bitter taste.

  8. Dr. Mercola, since you use so many powders in this a.m. drink, it makes
    sense to make several separate little containers of the mixture, so it’s
    just grab and dump – convenient! Just an idea.

  9. i make a large morning salad with many types of salad mixs that include the
    more nutrient rich greens like kale, spinach, swiss chard, beet greens ect,
    but the magic is not the salad its the homemade salad dressing made from 3
    equal parts oil/apple cider vinegar/lemon juice I USE (hempseed oil, braggs
    apple cider vinegar, and santa cruz concord grape juice) you can use any
    oil you want, BUT i use hemp seed oil for a very scientific reason, and i
    add salad toppings for very scientific reasons, as well as taste, my
    toppings include hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocado, and a
    diverse selection of sprout jars full of edible sprouts, the right
    combination of sprouts will give you every single amino acid there is, but
    back to the magic of the salad dressing the HEMP, hemp seed and its oil
    contain the most digestible form of protein on earth but also the most
    complete protein on earth, hemp seed contains every single amino acid in
    the proper balance needed for life as well as omega 3, GLA and SDA there is
    no better breakfast on earth and its sustainable and organic right in your
    back yard, i hope you will all look into the benefits ive talked about
    here, also add everything from Dr Mercolas recipe except the amino acids
    they are not needed when you have sprouts or hemp, sprouts are easy todo at
    home in jars and they are the best source of enzymes you can get, so in
    short my breakfast is : salad,sprouts,seeds,hemp seed oil,apple cider
    vinegar, grape juice and im telling you it tastes great and has lots of
    room for adjustment, i forgot to mention that eating salad in the morning
    helps to control blood sugar levels

    • wow good for you. I go to the ends of the earth with healthy salads. Thanks
      for the recipe for the dressing I’ll incorporate my hemp seeds in my
      salads. I go into my garden to pick my spices like Dr. Mercola, (but I
      don’t live in Hawaii lol) plus now we have beautiful Romaine lettuce, kale,
      etc. etc.

  10. Thank you Dr. M. for raising humanity awareness on clean food (organic)
    consumption and proper nutrition… Good Health=Happy Nation!! Healthy
    Adult=Healthy Young!

  11. Thank you as usual for another great video…I notice nearly everything
    came out of a jar or other shop-bought container…what’s wrong with just
    having a bowl of fruits for breakfast? What did our ancestors eat? None of
    the stuff in this video apart from perhaps the avocado and coconut oil (or
    their regional equivalents). For me, just a teaspoon or two of coconut
    cream is a sufficient breakfast. Or one fried egg. Or a couple of
    tangerines. I couldnt eat such an elaborate breakfast as this one; I guess
    you must burn a lot of calories if you require such a heavy-duty breakfast.
    God bless you with a long and healthy life, and keep you on the path of
    truth and enlightenment.

  12. Never had I thought possible to combine Avocado with raw cacao, vegan
    chocolate protein powder and cinnamon! But trying this recipe out Dr.
    Mercola, thumbs up and thank you for sharin’! :)

    • where’s the recipe? sounds yum. Is the vegan chocolate protein powder
      really good?

    • +Peyton Rivers The recipe’s probably over at Dr. Mercola’s personal
      website, mercola.com, haven’t tried the vegan chocolate protein powder but
      as long as its non-gmo it has to be good! 🙂

  13. Thankyou Dr.Mercola i have always wondered exactly what you eat every day.
    Love the recipe im gonna try it

  14. Pierre Larochelle

    Love it!! As a Vegan, I can eat that for breakfast.

  15. Awesome! I’ll try it! Can you put the recipe down in writing? I couldn’t
    understand the names for the amino acids. Thanks
    PS You’re my new favorite teacher, sending your videos and info to friends
    and family!

  16. Why would anyone [thumbs down] Dr. M. He is trying to help humanity. If you
    don’t like it, don’t eat it.
    Dr. M, thank you for taking the time to make these videos and sharing your

    • +Laurent Omori if only videos like these could be commercials for TV
      programs instead of processed garbage and fast food

    • I agree. The people who “thumbs down” on this, I guarantee will refer back
      to this when they realize they are feeling like CRAP, and they realize the
      shouldn’t have ever been eating CRAP.

  17. Thanks Dr Mercola, I was looking for good advice on a healthy breakfast.
    How about teaching us what you might do for your other meals. thanks again

  18. Thank you Dr Mercola :)

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