Dr. David Brownstein talks about the importance of iodine

Dr. David Brownstein discusses the fallacies behind the modern medical system.

Dr. David Brownstein is a Board-Certified family physician and is one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI.

00:00 Iodine & thyroid
01:30 Iodine & the power structure
03:10 The importance of iodine
10:15 Proper nutritional support
12:14 Thyroid disease

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  1. Dr Brownstein has written the forward to the new book The Iodine Crisis by
    Lynne Farrow which gives the Iodine Protocol Dr Brownstein developed to
    make it easy to follow. Now thousands of people are getting well! I read
    it and within a month of following the Iodine Protocol I had a 50%
    reduction in all my fibromyalgia symptoms! Now 4 months on I have 80%
    reduction in symptoms and I feel like I’ve got my life back after decades
    of suffering!! Knowledge is power! Read the book, follow the Protocol and
    get well!

  2. what kind of iodine do we use

  3. If Americans are so extremely deficient in iodine why is goiter so rare in
    the US? In the past when people were iodine deficient goiter was a huge
    problem affecting millions of Americans. Now I’m hearing that 95% of
    Americans are extremely deficient in iodine and yet the incidence of goiter
    is very slight in the US. Why is this?

    I’m not interested in arguing with anyone. I’m just asking a good question
    and looking for a good answer. Thanks.

    • Toxic Antidepressants

      Hello, Ellis. Thank you for your comment. I think this excerpt from Dr.
      David Brownstein’s newsletter may partially answer this question
      (especially the last paragraph). Of course, more factors could likely be
      involved, as well:

      “During the early 1900’s, there was a high prevalence of goiter or
      enlarged thyroid in states bordering the Great Lakes (known as the ‘Goiter
      Belt’). Based on the outcome of research, including studies performed by
      the state of Michigan, iodine clearly decreased the goiter problem.
      Thus, in the 1920’s, iodine was added to salt. Soon, the rest of the
      United States quickly adopted this cost-effective policy of adding iodine
      to salt to prevent thyroid enlargement.
      And although the addition of iodine to the salt supply has lessened
      the prevalence of goiter both in the U.S. and worldwide, it is inadequate
      to supply your body’s need for iodine.”

    • +Toxic Antidepressants Thanks for the answer. I’m still a little confused
      because I’ve heard Dr. Brownstein say that he’s had patients with no
      detectable level of iodine when he first tests them. It seems if that test
      was accurate then those would have developed goiter.

    • Toxic Antidepressants

      +Ellis Garvin My best guess is this could be due to the individual bodily
      characteristics: some percentage of the population, even if they may be
      deficient in certain nutrient (iodine in this case), will not develop
      goiter. But, since nature abhors vacuum, it will be compensated by their
      bodies developing some other illness.

      Could be still other reasons as well. If I came across some more info, I
      will surely post it here.

    • +Ellis Garvin If you go to minute 6, he seems to address this issue. Hope
      that helps.

    • He clearly answers this in his Iodine book. Iodine was added to Table Salt
      at an amount that is ONLY ENOUGH to reduce goiter. But that amount is NOT
      enough to support the rest of the body. Remember, the thyroid absorbs most
      of the iodine first, while the breasts, prostate, ovaries, heart and brain
      are starving for their proper amounts. One needs to saturate the body with
      iodine to get enough to heal the thyroid and other organs. One, bromine
      needs to be expelled before the iodine can do its job, and then there has
      to be enough iodine to get into all the cells. You can’t reverse a
      lifetime problem with a few pills of iodine when you continue to intake
      fluoride and bromines, and you certainly can’t heal yourself with drugs.
      No one has a “drug deficiency”. Iodine is a necessary element. Get his
      book if you really want to understand!! 6,000 case studies and only a few
      had problems – they either had unusual conditions of thyroid nodules or
      simply needed to be switched to another type of Iodine.

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