Dr. David Brownstein on Iodine Part 1/3

Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. David Brownstein discuss the possible effects caused by nuclear catastrophe in Japan and how you can be protected. Part 1

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  1. I am so passionate about this as a cancer survivor that I found what I
    considered to be the highest quality Lugol’s solution and now I actually
    sell it through my company Basics4Balance. My hope is to help people have
    the highest quality and trusted source. I just didn’t trust the other
    sources. I got a deeper in on this than I ever expected. lol

  2. Absolutely amazing.

  3. Laurie Marinelli

    Great! Thank you!

  4. Excellent!


    Lugol’s is great because you can make it very cheaply on your own with
    Potassium Iodine + Potassium Iodide Crystals. It’s the original forumla and
    taste is not an issue especially when using the proper dosage. You can also
    harvest your own kelp! Lot’s of options with iodine but IMO lugol’s
    forumlation is the best. Read the book from the 50’s simply called Folk

  6. h t tp :/ /t inyurl.com / iodine-references wish it would just let me post
    the address. This has some good Iodine information. Another good place is
    reading Dr. Brownsteins books which are linked off of his web page.

  7. I’m fine with Lugol’s. The taste isn’t great but I only take it once a day.
    Just follow it up with some milk or something else with flavor. Food would
    work also.

  8. Yes,Lugols is great.I’ve been using it for a year now and have not gotten
    sick while everyone around me gets the flu and other illnesses!!

  9. Dr B. says in another video that: lugols is comparable to the brand he
    recommends(iodoral) but it taste bad so many people dont stick to it.

  10. Thank you Dr. Mercola & Dr. Brownstein–This report is a wakeup call for me
    & my family.

  11. WakeUpInDaMorning1

    Boron is good at 3mg daily. Don’t confuse Boron with Bromide. This is good
    stuff in this video. It’s great!

  12. WakeUpInDaMorning1

    You forgot one of the important micronutrients, Boron. Take 3mg of boron
    daily. Stay hydrated!

  13. @xDaisyCharm I would ease into it and drink water and fats. Thats my best
    glancing advice. You might also want to try fermenting orange juice with
    some sort of pro-biotic culture and add the iodine to it.

  14. It would be good to take strontium too as well as iodine. I take both
    iodine (50mg) and strontium (1.5gm) daily along with antioxidants (lipoic
    acid, C, NAC, E), magnesium, zinc/copper, iron, quercetin, curcumin, BCAA,
    DHEA, ginkgo, zeolite, chlorella, spirulina,ubiquinol, PQQ, DHA, creatine,
    B-complex, omega-3s, etc.. I need to find some cesium I guess. Anyway, the
    big problem is getting “hot” particles, nano-sized, lodged in the lungs.
    Then all bets are off.

  15. Mercola you rock sir!

  16. @Evilcyber u’re forgetting about iodine-129;half life 15 millions years. as
    for iodine,u’re body uses what it needs,and naturally flushes out any
    excess iodine which it doesn’t need;it does not build up in the body,like
    Calcium for example & no one ever speaks of overdosing on Cal, which is far
    more dangerous. Dr.B says overdosing on WATER is more dangerous than
    overdosing on iodine, because it’s *that* unlikely, and u would literally
    have to consume so much iodine to actually “overdose” on it.

  17. The two forms of radioactive iodine that are set free at Fukushima have a
    half-life (the time until the they lose half their radiation) of 24 hours
    (iodine-133) and 8 days (iodine-131). By the time they reach the US they
    will have lost most of their radioactivity, no to mention that it will be
    heavily thinned out through the wind. It is much more dangerous to blindly
    supplement high doses of iodide, that can harm your thyroid and wreak havoc
    with your hormones.

  18. Is it a nutrient or a trace element?

  19. does iodine deficiency cause hypothyroid or cause goiters? Do you get any
    iodine from sea salt or do you have to buy special salt with it added? Can
    iodine deficiency cause adrenal fatigue?

  20. does iodine deficiency cause hypothyroid or cause goiters? Do you get any
    iodine from sea salt or do you have to buy special salt with it added?

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