Dr. David Brownstein: Iodine supplementation and cancer

Dr. Brownstein discusses iodine supplementation as part of a treatment for his patient diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. This was part of Dr. Brownstein’s lecture series in Cleveland hosted by Biotics Research.

To learn more about the health benefits of iodine read Dr. Brownstein’s blog, ‘Iodine: the Essential Element for Every Cell’

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  1. What kind of dose would you have put her on?

    • Gilmar Henrique Andersen

      +Dopa Mine He regret he hasn,t put her on a higher dosis? Sorry, I am
      brazilian and he spoke fast… she was on 50 mg/day, right?

    • +Gilmar Henrique Andersen yes that is what he said…I wonder how high of a
      dose he would have put her on. I am doing the iodine therapy at 100mg/ day
      for breast cancer prevention and feel great… Really had very little
      detox. I joined iodine groups on fb and people take much higher doses but I
      never felt comfortable taking more…

    • Gilmar Henrique Andersen

      Thanks! I have used 100 mg of Iodoral for just 6 weeks due my under active
      tyroid problem… the rest of time I have been using 50 mg in the form of 2
      dosis of 4 drops of lugol per day… If you are using just for prevention I
      guess 50 mg per day would be enough… Don`t forget to use selenium too,
      because using iodine (iodoral or lugol) alone can bring you health
      problems… Suplementing with magnesium is very important too…

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