Diabetes Defective Blood Flow Regulation Cause For Brain Damage

Type 2 Diabetes Damages Brain in Two Years

BRAIN As you know, in type 2 diabetes, the body doesn’t use insulin efficiently and enough of it to control blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone  crucial for metabolizing carbohydrates in foods.

A small recent Harvard study published online July 8/2015 in the journal Neurology suggest that people with type 2 diabetes may develop problems with blood flow in the brain in as little as two years, the which will lower their thinking and memory skills. 

But from the archives of Natural Remedies for All Diseases we know that just by simply decreasing  blood sugar levels,  the consequent augmentation of the blood flow to the brain will bring about a reduction of the artery inflammation and partially stop the typical decline in cognition.

The study was funded by the U.S. National Institute on Aging, the American Diabetes Association, the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center and the U.S. National Center for Research Resources.

Dr. Vera Novak, an associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and the author of the study, said that the major finding of this study was that the acceleration of the cognitive decline is linked to impaired blood flow regulation in the brain.

The problem found was with dilation of the blood vessels. Because the brain needs an  adequate amounts of blood, blood flow to it is crucial for thinking skills and other activities.

The researchers found that the higher blood sugar levels the worsens the problem with blood vessel dilation.

In the study,  40 people were evaluated of average age 66. Nineteen of the study volunteers had type 2 diabetes, and 21 didn’t have the blood sugar disease. The researchers tested their volunteers at the start of the study, and two years later. They test involved also MRI scans to look at blood flow in their brains, and blood tests to measure their average blood sugar levels and inflammation. 

 The research team found that the higher the inflammation levels, the worse the blood flow regulation, even for people who had good control of their diabetes.

At the end of the study, those with type 2 diabetes had less ability to regulate blood flow to the brain and scored lower on the thinking and memory tests. Blood flow regulation decreased 65 percent in the people with type 2 diabetes.

Now, for doctors it’s not new that type 2 diabetes is linked with inflammation and stress to the cells that leads to problems in the blood vesselsbut what this study suggests is that the changes in the blood vessel are predicting a decline in cognition,

And in previous research, scientists found that the brain of a person with diabetes is about five years older than the brain of someone without the condition. So essentially, the diabetic brain ages faster.

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