Cancer Treatments & New Research – Dr. Russell Blaylock on Radio Liberty

Dr. Blaylock discusses cancer treatments and research with Dr. Stan Monteith.

Research shows that cancer stem cells seem to be the driving force of tumors and Inflammation seems to be the key factor in the spread and formation of tumors. If the inflammation is reduced the cancer tumors seem to then take on a more benign form. The research also suggests that the inflammation seems to be the determining factor in how aggressive a tumor will become and the likeliness of the tumor metastasizing or spreading.

The correlation between inflammatory diseases and cancers forming in areas of where the inflammatory diseases is concentrated is also becoming apparent.

The research is showing that certain flavanoids and nutritional products such as curcumin and quercetin, vitamin E, vitamin C, ellagic acid and resveratrol seem to inhibit cancer growth by reducing inflammation and blocking the processes which the cancer cell needs in order to grow.

These certain flavanoids also seem to protect tissues which are usually damaged during chemotherapy treatment and protect the normal cells while at the same time making the cancerous cells more sensitive to the killing effect of the chemotherapy and to radiation.

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  1. Blaylock you are a legend. I read your book. But I made a mistake. I ate
    some food contaminated with plastics, my heart started beating a little
    funny. I ended up going to the hospital said I do not want an xray. Anyway
    they then tricked me into it. They said we do not do ultrasounds here. Then
    all the drs came around me questioning me as to why I will not do an xray.
    I did not know how to answer. They kept telling me it was like taking a
    plane. So I ended up doing it. Next day I had a strong pain in my head
    which has remained till today. It is now 5 months later and I have
    developed a blocked nose and jerks in my body. My mistake…

  2. i clicked like four different times and they just wont stick.

  3. What about Vitamin B17 , Proxide H202 , Sodium Bicarbonate , Colloidal
    Silver, Marijuana oil

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