Winning War On Cancer, Dr. Rath’s Theory. 1st Part

A review of Dr. Matthias Rath’s Theory On Winning War On Cancer. Cancer1

The Collagen Destruction Theory. Part 1

Clearly, our society’s WAR ON CANCER is still in a deadlock.

There is no stop to the Cancer epidemic in spite of numerous media reports about breakthroughs of cancer ‘cures’. 

Cancer keeps spreading on a global level and its statistics are increasing at alarming speed. These statistics only prove that the traditional approach, the ’intoxication’ theory is a failure.


For most types of cancer, the still prevailing old therapeutic approaches:  chemotherapy and radiation, based on the indiscriminate killing of billions of body cells in the hope to eliminate cancer are not saving one life only causing suffering and a dramatic decline in the quality of life for the patient.

Unfortunately who decides what we should know about our health has a compelling reason to keep things as they are.

The majority of authors of the leading textbook of internal medicine are affiliated with the HARWARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, a private medical school recipient of the donations of the Rockefeller family who controls the global pharmaceutical markets including a trillion dollar market on cancer drugs.RockefellerS-Statue

You understand that for those subjects there is no interest that the war on cancer be won if this disease can generate so much money.

They have a business with disease and want it to continue as long as we are being kept illiterate about your own health.

In order to end this health Illiteracy and save your life, you have to make efforts to get an education because it will not be given to you.

This is also the purpose of this blog: to find and divulge knowledge of the best information on natural therapeutic to control and eliminate the disease.

Well, considering the present day situation of a stall with the cancer cure, there clearly exists the need for completely new strategies for cancer therapy. A new strategy based on a real understanding of the natural regulation of cancer cells.

In order to effectively control cancer only natural therapeutics can have effect in the regulation of the malfunction of the biological features of cancer cells only, without damaging the healthy cells.

Why are we still in this situation when it seems as if sine decades natural ways to approach a cancer cure had been described by some doctors around the world?

One such doctor was Dr. Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath has been a close scientific colleague and friend of Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling who predicted that the discoveries of Dr. Rath would one day be the most important discovery of the 20th century.

In a  manuscript of 1992 titled “Plasmin-Induced Proteolysis”Dr. Rath described that the key mechanism of cancer spread, collagen-digestion, could  be blocked by natural substances.

The conclusions of this study were supported by Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling.

The reaction to the publication of Dr. Rath’s study was first a race among drug companies to find synthetic blockers of this mechanism.

Then, the effort of the drug companies was soon abandoned with the explanation that the study was a “misdiagnosis” as it was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2002.

There is obviously the suspect that, having found confirm from their lab trials that the collagen-digestion theory was indeed the right approach to understand how to successfully treat cancer,   they decided that it wouldn’t have been economically convenient for them to bring to life something that would terminate together with  the spreading of this disease also, and most importantly,  the billionaire gains they were making from their treatments of it.

So the drug lobbyists decided that it was more convenient to address their efforts to fight the proponents of this breakthrough.

Here Is A Condensation Of Dr. Rath’s Theory On Cancer:


Let’s remember that Cancer can be caused by many factors alone or combined, but the cancerous cells all spread in a common way: they digest the connective (the collagen) tissue (the collagen)  around them which keeps them confined.

Once the confinement of the surrounding connective tissue has been broken, the cancer cells can grow, metastasize and develop into the full blown disease.

How is the barrier broken?

The cells start producing uncontrollably large amounts of enzymes, that are small proteins which act by cutting (they digest it) the collagen imprisoning them thus letting the cancer cells to move through the body.

Cancer cells produce unstoppably the digestive enzymes that break any barrier and slowly digest the structure of any organ of the body.

  • All cancer cells, use the same collagen-digesting enzymes.
  • The more of these enzymes a cancer cell produces,
  • the more aggressive and malignant it is, the faster it spreads, and the shorter is the life expectancy of the patient.


Under normal (physiological) conditions all cells of our body use these enzymes to migrate through the body, this is a natural mechanism under normal conditions that happens a) for the process of ovulation in the female body.

In the middle of the menstrual cycle, the collagen-dissolving enzymes that surround the mature egg cell will cause the collagen tissue of the ovarian wall loosen and forms a hole that allows the egg cell to move from the ovary through the into the womb (uterus).

b) Or in the case of infections where the white blood cells perform basic protection against invading microbes is secured by the white blood cells.

Several subgroups of white blood cells perform specific functions in the immune system, a sort of ‘police cell’.

Especially important are the macrophages, a subgroup of white cells ‘eat’ and digest invaders.

Other forms of these cells, called monocytes, can reach every part of the body through the blood stream.

c) Or when our body remodels itself like for the preparation of the female breast for lactation.

In preparation for breastfeeding, hormonal signals ‘tell’ the cells of the breast to ‘switch on’ the production of collagen digesting enzymes which will tear down the existing architecture of breast tissue in order to allow the reconstruction of the ‘lactating breast’ – and its adaptation for milk production.

d) Or whenever an infection takes place, the body releases ‘alarm substances’ that attract monocytes to the site of infection, there they cross the blood vessel wall of the small capillaries and move into the affected tissue with the help of collagen-dissolving enzymes.

But cancer cells abuse this natural mechanism, already used by our body under normal conditions. Where under normal conditions the production of these enzymes by the cells is strictly controlled and regulated, cancer cells produce these enzymes out of control and forever.

Fortunately, there are certain natural dietary molecules which are able to block the uncontrolled production of collagen breaking enzymes.



Cancer develops particularly often in organs that use collagend igestion already under normal or physiological conditions.

If cancer is starting in cells that produce collagen digestive enzymes, we can deduce that Cancer develops more often in organs that use collagen digestion already under normal conditions.


These organs are:

The reproductive organs. Particularly female reproductive organs which undergo repeated functional and structural changes during their lifetime.

As it happens for ovulation and lactation, there happens a high activity of collagen digesting enzymes in the feminine womb (uterus) in connection with the monthly cycle and pregnancy, therefore, these organs are most prone to cancer.

So it is for the reproductive organs of men,

Prostate and testes. They are also frequent sites of cancer development.

Reproductive hormones, both masculine and feminine stimulate the production of collagen digestion enzymes in reproductive organs. therefore increase the risk for reproductive cancers.

The skeletal system. Where bone cancer occurs more frequently in young people, and in children because they experience the more significant changes in their bone structure during the growth.

And bone growth also involves a high activity of collagen digestive enzymes.

Where the extension of bone length occurs, towards the end of the bone (the epiphysis), near the joint. that is the area, where most forms of primary bone cancers originate.


Leukemia is a blood cancer, it is the cancer of white blood cells (leukocytes), an over production of them.

It happens when the process of migration of the white cell (leukocytes) that happens thanks to the collagen digestion enzymes goes wrong in some white cells and the destruction of collagen doesn’t stop.

And because the white blood cells have the ability to produce large quantities of collagen digesting enzymes, this makes them particularly prone to cancer, and one of the most frequent forms of cancer.

The overproduction of leucocytes is not the cause of death for the patient but the failure of the “filter organs” of their body, like liver and spleen which get invaded by millions of white cells that do not go through the filter and produce huge amounts of digestive enzyme, therefore, digesting these organ themselves from within.

So we can understand that the production of collagen-digesting enzymes is the pre-condition for the growth and spread of any type of cancer, irrespective of the organ it originates from.

METASTASIS (the spreading of cancer to other organs)Cancer-Cells-Invasion

Metastasis is a secondary tumor formed by cancer cells that have migrated from the originally affected organ. It can start from the liver and spread to the lungs.

In fact, the lungs is a particularly frequent organ for the formation of metastasis.

The cancer cell spread because their collagen digestive enzymes puncture the walls of the net of capillaries that surround the tumor and enter the blood stream which will take them away to other organs.

Because the blood circulates in the lungs through a huge net of capillaries, the digestive enzymes of the cancer cells now leave the capillaries and penetrate the lung tissue where they keep multiplying developing the metastasis.

Until next time.

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