Our Doctors Will Never Give Us A Cure For Cancer

Be Prepared To Fend For Yourself. Our “God Doctors” Will Never Give Us A Cure For Cancer. 


According to the following cancer statistics, there are almost no hopes that the Modern Medicine will ever Cure cancer. At least not if we keep relying on the  “cures” our “God Doctors”  and the “omniscient” medical establishment keep pushing in the interest of the Medical Cancer Industry, not ours.

In spite of the much publicized “latest technology and advances”  cancer continues to kill people far before their time. And official medicine is still essentially clueless about the underlying causes of cancer, along with how to effectively treat them.

Modern medicine cannot understand the underlying causes of most cancers and the research is directed only toward the patenting of new expensive drugs that target only the late stages of the disease because they greatly inflate their wallets.  Medicine is not concerned about preventing or curing cancer.

HE IS A DEAD PERSON THE ONE WHO RELIES ON THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY AND THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE to find the cure that could save his/her life in case of cancer disease. Fend for yourself, my friend.

These two organizations are afflicted by too many conflicts of interest that hamper their effectiveness. They have financial ties with makers of mammography equipment and cancer drugs. But that’s just for starters. Other conflicts of interest include ties to, and financial support from, the

They have financial ties with makers of mammography equipment,  cancer drugs,  the pesticides, petrochemicals, biotech-, cosmetics-, and junk food industries—just the very industries whose products are the primary contributors to cancer!

So you can easily understand why they never address the environmental components of cancer and do not make any effort to divulge the perils of toxic exposure in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

ACS and National Cancer Institute focus exclusively on research, diagnosis and chemical treatment of cancer. Preventive strategies receive no consideration whatsoever.


  • Every year the cancer epidemic takes the lives of 7.5 million patients worldwideIT IS AS IF ONE OF THE LARGEST WORLD CITY WOULD DISAPPEAR EVERY YEAR (Tokyo 8.9 million, Mexico City 8.9 million, New York City 8.4 million, Lagos (Nigeria) 8 million, London 7.8 million,Hong Kong 7 million, Bangkok (Thailand) 7 million, Cairo (Egypt) 6.8 million and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 6.3 million.
  • Over the past half century, more than 300 million people have died from cancer. 
  • The global costs for only oncology drugs in 2010 alone was 56 billion US dollars.
  • Cancer has by far the greatest economic toll among all diseases. With 895 billion US dollars.
  • Cancer is the third largest cause of death in the industrialized world.
  • 7.5 million people worldwide die each year from cancer.
  • In the US, Canada, and Europe, – 5.6 million people die from cancer each year.
  • Cancer rates are still on the rise and the disease is expected to kill more than 13 million people a year by 2030.
  • Cancer has now surpassed heart disease as the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 45 and 74.
  • Breast cancer will claim the lives of 40,000 women this year.


We definitely know that cancer is mostly a man-made disease, the tragic result of humans willingly or unconsciously avoiding health-sustaining diets and activities, and voluntarily embracing a highly unnatural sedentary, stress-filled lifestyle with exposure to excess chemicals around every corner. We have been slowly but inexorably killing ourselves basically since the beginning of the èpost WW II era.

The recognized primary culprits fueling our cancer epidemic are:

  • Pesticide- and other chemical exposures
  • Wireless technologies, dirty electricity, and medical diagnostic radiation exposure
  • Processed and artificial foods(plus the chemicals in the packaging)
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Obesity, stress, and poor sleeping habits.
  • Lack of sunshine exposure and use of sunscreens


And the Cancer Epidemic Is Still Expanding Despite All Media Hype About Medical ‘Breakthroughs’. Conventional approaches like chemotherapy and radiation – that have stopbeen used on cancer patients for over half a century have clamorously failed to curb the cancer epidemic.

Chemotherapy and radiation can no longer be considered a credible answer to the cancer epidemic. Their Therapeutic Goal Is to Kill Cancer Cells by Intoxicating the Entire Body. they kill cancer cells and billions of healthy cells alike. These highly toxic procedures indiscriminately damage all cells in the body of patients.

Chemotherapy affects particularly those healthy cells in our body that are multiplying rapidly, such as the white blood cells of the immune system.

You would think that even a lay person can understand that if the medicine has to resort to these self-destroying “cures” that modern medicine offers, this means only one thing: the disease is not properly understood and there are no effective therapies that can specifically target abnormal cells, e.g., cancer cells.

These “cures” chemo-’therapy’ and radio-’therapy’  only reflects the bad faith on the part of the medical establishment itself. They deceive the patients and provide false hope


The first chemotherapy drug was directly derived from ‘mustard gas’, a chemical warfare agent used in World War I as a weapon! Derivatives of this deadly gas are still being used today in cancer patients as mechlorethamine, cyclophosphamide, chlorambucil, and ifosfamide.

There are several other groups of highly toxic chemicals applied to cancer patients. All these chemicals is damage the molecules of inheritance (DNA) in the cell core and interrupt other essential biological processes in every cell of the body.

Even health professionals are aware of the health risks they are exposed to while handling chemotherapy drugs. These risks include damage to their DNA, birth defects, development of new cancers and organ damage. So they have to “wear special gloves, goggles, and gowns when preparing and giving chemotherapy” (www.cancer.org).

These chemicals are toxic and dangerous even after they are being excreted through the skin, urine, stool, even tears, semen and vaginal fluid of the patient so family members, of the patient, are at risk of contamination themselves.

Chemo cannot be administered via arm veins because the chemicals would instantly ‘burn’ the blood vessel walls, leading to severe tissue damage and inflammation.


A special infusion device has to be used, the ‘Hickman Catheter’. A special catheter is inserted directly into the superior vena cava, one of the largest veins  (about 1 inch),  of the body, that is located close to the right heart atrium.

Because these toxic substances circulate in the body for many hours, even days, it is no wonder that ‘chemotherapy’ causes severe side effects in the patients, including:

Destruction of the bone marrow, the site of blood cell formation, resulting in:

– Impaired immune system

– Increased rate of infections

– Anemia

– Excessive bleeding

• Organ damage

– Heart damage,

– Lung damage, breathing problems, fever

– Liver damage and failure

– Kidney damage and failurechemo

– Damage to brain, memory loss

– Vision and hearing impairment

– Damage to the entire digestive system, ulcers in mouth, vomiting, diarrhea

– Infertility

– Weight loss, anorexia

– Hair loss,

• Triggering the growth of new cancers anywhere in the body

The toxicity of chemotherapy agents damages all organs and cell systems in the body. Every cycle of chemotherapy is associated with severe pain, and a multitude of new health problems, ‘side effect diseases’ that continue for the rest of their lives.


Radiotherapy induces secondary cancers and another wide range of serious adverse effects. Irradiation of breasts induces development of lung cancer for instance.

The cells of a breast tumor exposed to radiation react with great heterogeneity. They can be fast-replicating, or slow-replicating and benign. but there are also cancer stem cells, which are slower-replicating and therefore less likely to be destroyed by radiotherapy (or chemotherapy), and they are responsible for fueling the growth of the tumor itself with an inexhaustible supply of daughter cells.

Radiotherapy increases by 30-fold the self-renewing capacity of these breast cancer initiating cells so while the radiation treatment (also the chemotherapy) initially regress the tumor’s mass, the therapy causes a selection within the tumor of the more radiation-resistant and aggressive tumor cells which will ultimately lead to higher malignancy.

In other words, some of the mutated cells die, but others do not, and the cells that go on living have a proliferative advantage—giving rise to the most aggressive cancers.

Even the low-dose radiation used in the early x-ray mammographies recommended to detect breast cancer is likely causing far more cancers in women over time than it prevents. The low-dose ionizing radiation used for mammography is  4-fold higher than the high-dose radiation indicated in radiation risk assessments.

Particularly persons who have the RCA1/BRCA2 genes, genes associated with breast cancer, are very susceptible to radiation-induced breast cancer so they should avoid medical radiation, both diagnostic and therapeutic.


How has society allowed the intoxication of the human body to become the universal standard ‘therapy’ for cancer for more than half a century?

The answer to this question is simple:

A patient who has been diagnosed with ‘cancer’ gets immediately into such a psychological state of fear and despair that renders him susceptible to accept any ‘therapy’ advised by the God Doctor in order to get even a short extension of his life.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not prolong the life of cancer patients at all. This includes prostate cancer, skin cancer (melanoma), bladder cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer and others. For these types of cancer, chemotherapy has the same limited life expectancy as those who don’t undergo it.


Derek K. Miller was a Canadian man who died recently of colorectal cancer. He blogged about his own battle with cancer and left a final post-mortem message on his website.

If you want a very real look into what it’s like to live with, and die from, cancer, take a look through Derek Miller’s blog, a recording of his four-year battle with cancer, including his struggles with chemo and radiation.

Just be warned, it’s very difficult to read.


A series of drugs are being prescribed in order to alleviate the symptoms of these ‘side-effect diseases.’

The most frequent categories of prescription include:

• Antibiotics prescribed against frequent infections resulting from the damaged immune system.

• Painkillers, including morphine, to alleviate the pain associated with the chemical intoxication of the body.

• Steroids to alleviate systematic inflammation of joints and other organs.

• Antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs to help patients cope with the traumatic psychological consequences of chemotherapy.

Moreover, medical procedures LIKE transplants of bone marrow, liver, kidneys and other organs. are being performed on cancer patients in an attempt to repair the severe damage caused by chemotherapy drugs.


Almost half of all the substances listed by the US government as ‘carcinogenic’  are pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for various diseases.

You must understand that pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic compounds, they are not natural substances. The human body cannot recognize them so it cannot neutralize and eliminate them.

These drugs cause damage to the DNA of cells, thereby inducing the cancer process. This is widely known and is documented in many clinical studies and even government reports.

And you must understand that the reason why most prescription drugs are synthetic is their patentability while natural compounds cannot be patented as they exist in nature. So the profit based pharmaceutical can apply huge patent fees on the synthesized chemical compounds. And the cancer epidemic is extended to satisfy a business principle.

The fact that many prescription drugs can cause cancer is widely known and is documented in many clinical studies and even government reports.

• 87% of anticancer drugs can cause new cancers

• 50% of all antibiotics can cause cancer

• 60% of drugs prescribed for depression and mental disorders are potentially carcinogenic

• Almost all immunosuppressants facilitate the development of cancer

• Many other drugs are listed as cancerogenic, including anti-ulcer drugs, anti-allergy drugs, and others  (Avastin, one of the best-selling cancer drugs in the world which costs about $8,000 a month and is, is now being phased out in the U.S. due to lack of effectiveness and dangerous side effects).

Other powerful carcinogenic substances include hormones such as estrogen, present in anti-contraceptive pills and prescribed to millions of menopausal women as ‘hormone replacement therapy.’


According to the most recent discoveries, our immune system is designed to eliminate cancer. But if you undergo devastating medical interventions of radiation and chemotherapy)  your immune system becomes so damaged that it cannot react appropriately because you have just destroyed your body’s best weapons for healing (your killer T cells).

The scientific evidence supporting the theory that your own immune system is your best cancer weapon is growing:

  • Individuals with liver or ovarian cancer survive longer if their killer T cells have invaded their tumors.
  • A 2005 study showed that colon cancers that most strongly attract T cells are the least likely to recur after treatment.8
  • Another study found that 60 percent of precancerous cervical cells (found on PAP tests) revert to normal within a year,and 90 percent revert within three years.9
  • Some kidney cancers are known to regress, even when highly advanced.

The presence of white blood cells in and around a tumor is often an indication that the cancer will go into remission—or even vanish altogether


So if the statistics have proven that modern medicine approach to cancer treatment is a complete failure because for many types of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy had no advantage at all, and for other types, the effects were minimal, short-termed and caused suffering and a dramatic decline in the quality of life for the patient, we must look for a real cure somewhere else.

We must believe that there must be a new approach to the cure based on a better understanding of the natural regulation of cancer cells in our body.

And it is slowly but surely emerging from many sides and all over the world that the keys to the effective control of cancer are natural therapeutics that can interfere with and regulate the malfunction of the biological software of cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.

If we can accomplish that, cancer can largely be eliminated.

In the next posts, we will look at the biological tools available already, those micro nutrients essential in controlling cancer that have been deliberately neglected and withheld in the interest of the pharmaceutical investment business.

Until next time.

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