Hello Everyone, and  Thank You For Visiting  My site Where You Can Find The Best Natural Remedies, Cures and Healing For All Major Diseases

Welcome, my name is Phil Akhard, my goal here is to help.Me-PicIt is my deepest wish to do something good for as many of my fellow human beings as possible,  and because I hate falsehood and lies,  I decided to blog about health issues on this site which I have created with great effort because of my original complete ignorance about internet technology. (I learned how to become a webmaster  just a few of months ago at this special place, and it was free)

On the course of many years, I have learned that the most important thing in life for every person is health because without health nothing else can be enjoyed.  So, the scope of this blog is to discuss the best existing available Natural Remedies, Cures and Healing For All Major Diseases, and the Tools which can be implemented as our allies in the fight against those.

I have always been fascinated by the mystery and power of natural healing and I have found and seen that the conventional medicine we are given nowadays are so hard on our bodies and do not give you any hope of getting a real cure. 

It all started for me almost 30 years ago when years ago I had the chance to meet a person who opened my eyes to alternative ways to take care of our health -much gentler and safer ways than those the conventional medicine has to offer, which I can see now as the authentic poisons they are. And thanks to that person I become interested in any kind of natural healing since.

I attribute my present robust constitution and state of perfect health to sound life habits  and eating, and to the lucky accident of  having been born in a time (long ago) when the world was not as polluted and our food was not as unnatural as they are nowadays,  and to an instinctive rejection, a repulsion of making use of medicines through my entire life. And, ironically enough, it was just a doctor (that person I was mentioning above) an exceptional doctor and person, whom I was lucky to meet many years ago, who explained to me why our medicines are just poisons for the human body, and taught me which practices I had to implement  to maintain my health or recover from an illness.

So, if you ever need any feedback or support regarding your health, I would be more than happy to connect. Just leave your comment below and visit my site at your convenience as I’m going to keep it updated at least once every two weeks with information I have and I come across that you’ll find very helpful for your health.

My greatest desire is to hear that thanks to what you learned here you were able to reverse your disease and are having a perfectly healthy life.

I wish you the best and thank you for dropping by!

To your health.


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