Asthma In Adolescents And Adults, A Simple Effective Cure That Works For All

Statistics Of A common Illness

asthmaAsthma rates have been rising so fast in the United States for the past three decades that now Asthma too has

8.3 percent of American children and 7 percent of American adults suffer with asthma, currently affecting a total of 25.7 million U.S. individuals. This condition is shared worldwide by more than 300 million and more than 250,000 die annually from asthma.

According to the CDC, in 2010, 1.8 million people went to emergency rooms for asthma-related care, and 439,000 people were hospitalized,. According to the American Lung Association estimates, asthma costs more than $56 billion per year.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a disorder which affects a person’s airways and causes them to become inflamed, swollen, narrowing and producing excess mucous that leaves the patient struggling to get enough air into his or her lungs.

An asthma attack causes whistling sounds as the person tries to breathe. Asthmatics can also  frequently experience cough when they try to clear their airways of mucous.

Asthma is a seriously debilitating illness.

Conventional Treatments 

asthmaConventional doctors usually just prescribe inhalers with steroids but they only relieve the asthma for a short period of time.

Conventional Medicine is not treating the source os Asthma.

So sufferers have to learn to live with asthma the whole life, and the condition always  gets worse when they get sick with an upper respiratory infection like a common cold,  or if they begin exerting themselves.

Asthma never cures by itself even though affected people may think so because symptoms can sometimes disappear even for long periods but then inevitably they will resurface, particularly in conjunction with a illness.

Once positively diagnosed, the main treatment doctors offer  are rescue inhalers containing albuterol, a drug that causes the smooth muscles of the bronchioles to relax, thus relieving airway constriction.

This treatment effectively relieves asthma symptoms within a minute or so, but it can’t be used for long term as repeated use can actually make asthma symptoms worse. And the problem is that this, like all of these modern drug therapies treat the symptoms and do not address the underlying cause of the disease so the disease becomes chronic and the patient must be under treatment for the whole life.

And conventional doctors rarely search for an underlying cause of asthma, they just prefer to prescribe inhalers to treat the symptoms.

Conventional Asthma Treatment Are Still Unupdated

Dr. David Hahn’s  first research paper on asthma appeared in 1991, in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In that study 365 patients with an acute upper respiratory illness, all of whom were suffering with cold-like symptoms were enrolled.

The researchers found that 5 percent of the acute bronchitis and 20 percent of community-acquired pneumoniainfection was caused by C. pneumoniae infection,. They also reported that C. pneumoniae infection was associated with wheezing, asthmatic bronchitis, and adult-onset asthma. They speculated that the association was causal, –C. pneumoniae was the underlying cause of asthma.

But since that 1991 study nothing more was done to attempt to verify Dr. Hahn’s  findings or trying to identify a simple cure for asthma, such as antibiotics, directed toward the infecting organism.

Unfortunately that’s another example of how  the medical system is set up, the pharmaceutical industry’s  financial interest rely on the continual use of drug therapies that sometimes kill patients and never cure them. Evidently a lifetime of prescription medications for Big Pharma’s is much better than a short course of medication. 

A New Explanation of The Cause Of Asthma

David Hahn, in his book “A Cure for Asthma” explained the hypothesis that asthma, in the vast majority of cases, is caused by a chronic, underlying infection. And that treating the infection would often cure the asthma.

An asthma sufferer is not difficult to individuate with his typical shortness of breath, regular coughing and production of excess mucous in his airways. It is often diagnosed on the basis of a wheezing or whistling sound coming from a patient’s lungs, particularly during expiration. 

There is a lung test –the spirometry, that can measure the air volume moving through the lungs.

The Underlying Cause Of AsthmaAsthma causes

Asthma is an inflammatory condition but what causes it?

Anything that triggers inflammation in the lungs can produce asthma, including environmental allergies, dander from dogs and cats, (cats particularly have long been associated with asthma in people.) and food allergies, while the most common source of food allergy-related asthma comes from exposure to cow’s milk. There is no doubt that allergies, both environmental and food- based, are related to asthma symptoms.

Drop dairy products

First one could found out if he is sensitive to dairy, a common cause of asthma. A simple blood test for casein immunoglobulin G (IgG) can show if  the body is producing the antibodies for the cow’s milk protein casein.

In that case, every time a person ingests food with cow’s milk in it, it stimulates an inflammatory response in the form of those antibodies.

dairy assortedThe elimination of  dairy from the diet, could markedly improved the asthma symptoms within a few weeks. And a patient might be able to stop taking asthma medications 

But asthma could suddenly reappear caused by a cold, or a flu and not  go away when the infection is over. Asthma is a funny illness that can be triggered by minor events and take on a life of its own.

The IgG for casein (the most common protein found in cow’s milk products) — can identify dairy sensitivities. When the IgG for casein is elevated, it is best to undergo a therapeutic trial of avoiding to  ingest any cow’s milk products, including yogurt, cheese, and ice cream for eight weeks, that’s how long it takes the body to clear circulating antibodies.

After those eight weeks, if there is no improvement then you have to search for other possible sources of allergy.

If there is improvement, patients must avoid all dairy forever.

Exercise could also trigger asthma. In this case, people use a rescue inhaler before they exercise to prevent asthmatic episodes.

virusesInfections and Asthma

Infections are another underlying cause of asthma and asthma symptoms flair when one becomes ill with an upper respiratory infection (a cold), most of which are caused by viruses.

An underlying bacterial infection however, is a more common cause of long-term asthmatic symptoms.

In fact, an underlying bacterial infection could explain all the aspects of asthma, as well as the allergy connection to asthma.

Dr. Hahn suggests that allergies themselves may be caused by a long-term bacterial infection.

Mycoplasma pneumochlamydiania and chlamydia pneumonia (which can also cause disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, and Sjogren’s syndrome) are the two most common types of bacteria  that Dr. Hahn found to be associated with asthma.

Both bacteria are non-cell-wall-bacteria, meaning that they must be inside a host’s cells in order to survive.

The human immune system is good at killing bacteria that have their own cell walls but it can be difficult for the immune system to kill bacteria that live inside our own cells,

A non-cell-wall-bacterium can infect our cells causing an autoimmune response from the body.

It works like this: When the immune system realizes that one of the body’s own cells is infected with a non-cell-wall-bacterium, it responds by creating antibodies against that particular cell.

This can be diagnosed with laboratory tests that measure the level of antibodies in the bloodstream.

Asthma, A New Simple Cure That Works For All:

Limited Use Of Specific Antibiotics Along With Natural Supplementation

no more asthmaSo, Dr. Hahn suggests that the  first thing to do is  to have blood drawn for both chlamydia and mycoplasma titers, which is a measure of the level of antibodies.

If the results shows that the mycoplasma titers — both immunoglobulin G (IgG) and immunoglobulin M (IgM) — are elevated, this indicates  a new infection and a chronic illness respectively.

Next step is to perform a dark-field analysis of a live blood sample, if it reveals the presence of  the characteristic mycoplasma bacteria inside the red blood cells the patient is suffering from a mycoplasma infection.

antibioticsFollowing Dr. Hahn’s recommendations, the patient should take 600 mg of the antibiotic Zithromax for three days, then 750 mg one day a week for 12 weeks.together with high-doses of vitamin C (both oral and via intravenous), oregano oil and olive leaf extract. Also, taking a probiotic during this time period in order to support healthy gut bacteria is recommended.

This cure should abate all the asthma symptoms  in about four weeks,  and any signs of mycoplasma in the red blood cells and the titers should have disappeared at the end of 12 weeks. The patient would feel much better and no longer would need inhalers.

Dr. Hahn found that approximately 50 percent of asthma patients respond well to prolonged weekly doses of Zithromax, even without having tested for a mycoplasma or chlamydia infection.

He also stated that patients who have severe, steroid-resistant asthma, or those with new-onset asthma, may be the best responders to this type of treatment.

Finally, Dr. Hahn found that a second course of treatment with Zithromax may be needed if symptoms return. But that would definitely cure the patient.

Because the incidence of asthma is increasing at epidemic rates in the United States, it is likely that an infectious origin is the cause of this rapid rise.

A doctor should check every asthma patient for an infection of mycoplasma or chlamydia bacteria, and discuss treatment with antibiotics such as Zithromax (or Biaxin).

Oregano OilAnd this therapy must be enhanced by using it together with of a holistic regimen, with supplements that support the immune system along with those that have antibacterial benefits, including:

Dr. Hahn believes that more research needs be done on the infectious origin of asthma.

Until next time.

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