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By turning the good genes on and the bad ones off exercise is one of the main components in the cure of cancer.exercise

Sitting For Long Is Bad For Your Health.

In this post we will talk of another fundamental component of a Home Natural Cancer Treatment That Works, we’re going to talk about exercise, a component that goes hand-in-hand with any kind of specific treatment of the disease.

People in Western nations don’t get enough exercise, we are too sedentary and we are seated for most of our day to eat breakfast, to travel, at work,  to eat lunch and dinner,  and in front of the TV or the computer.

Populations around the world with much lower rates of cancer are also much more active movement. Movement is life, you need to be in motion to keep good circulating of your blood and lymphatic systems as much as if you were active throughout the day.

I’m going to start with a few, among the thousands available, studies that show how incredibly beneficial exercise is for cancer prevention and healing. Together with diet, exercise is key a key component of health preservation and/or recovery.

Sitting is particularly damaging to your health, it’s a killer. so much that researches done in the last year show that sitting in and of itself is an independent risk factor for poor health and premature death and aging —even if you exercise regularly, and even if you are a fit person that exercises one hour five times a week.

So if you have to sit the whole day you can counteract its negative effect very easily just by interrupt sitting and stand up once every 14 minutes as Dr.Vernitikos’ researches with astronauts have discovered.

Set a reminder on your phone (or get an Online Timer) and every 14 minutes or so stand up and do a couple of jumps or a couple of squats. That will amount to about 35 sitting interruptions in 8 hours.period and,  according to Dr. Vernitikos,  that counteracts the cardiovascular health risks associated with sitting.

This conclusion was based on double-blind research with volunteers who spent four days in bed to induce detrimental changes. Dr. Vernitikos then tested two groups to see which was more effective, walking or standing, and how long would they have to walk or how many times they have to stand up to get better again.

And this was the incredible result of the study:

  • Standing up once every hour was more effective than walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes for cardiovascular and metabolic changes.
  • Sitting down and standing up repeatedly for 32 minutes does NOT have the same effect as standing up once, 32 times over the course of a day. To get the benefit, the stimulus must be spread throughout the day.

Another option is a stand-up desk. You can order a stand-up desk converter kit on Amazon. It’s is a platform that you put on top of your normal desk and you can set your computer on it and work standing up.


They also sell adjustable desks that you can easily raise and lower to work sitting down or standing up. Or you can get a treadmill desk. If you need to save money you can just buy a used treadmill and then arrange a platform or a shelf to it for your computer or laptop.

In your exercise plan include moderate aerobic exercise six days, an easy walk for one hour or a short bike riding or some jumping on a rebounder (very useful to increase the lymphatic circulation which carries metabolic waste away from your tissues) whatever you enjoy.

Rebounding is the best exercise for your immune system

It’s the best way to move your lymphatic system.  It only requires a gentle bouncing motion where your feet don’t even need to leave the mat of the trampoline.trampoline

The lymphatic system only works when you move that’s why movement is so important to detoxification because your lymph system doesn’t have a pump like your cardiovascular system so when you’re sedentary it’s not moving very much but when you’re doing physical work every muscle contraction in your body moves your lymphatic system.

So, if you have cancer or you want to prevent it you need to keep yourself in motion for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day of deliberate aerobic exercise.

You can break this time up any way you want:  you could rebound a few minutest in the morning, in the afternoon, watching TV, etc.

If you don’t have a rebounder, the next best exercise for the lymphatic system is walking. Just walk for 10 to 20 minutes two, three or four times a day and try to alternate with intervals of very light jogging which imitates some rebounding.

The lymphatic system is connected to every organ of the body, but its function is completely different from that of the cardiovascular system. It is the garbage collector, the internal vacuum cleaner sucking up metabolic garbage, toxins, and excess fluid from the extracellular fluid of every organ.

If this flow is impaired, the fluid becomes toxic. and when the fluid enters the bloodstream, as is part of the normal process, an infection can now spread to any organ or part of the body and many viruses, bacteria, and parasites stay locked within the lymphatic system. The result: physical ailments, degenerative disease, hastening of the aging process, even death!

The lymphatic system is filled with millions of one-way valves, which allows lymph fluid to flow upward away from gravity.  the most efficient way to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid is by rebounding. The up and down rhythmic bouncing causes all of the one-way valves to open and close simultaneously increasing lymph flow as much as fifteen times! Rebounding does that.

Weight Lifting Prevents Osteoporosis And Muscle Loss

Paying attention not to injure yourself, twice a week do very moderate basic weightweights lifting exercises like deadlifts, bench presses, rows, overhead presses, and squats.

Weight lifting will stress your bones which prevents osteoporosis without the need to supplement with calcium.

More Benefits From Exercise

Exercise boosts your t-cell production to improve your immune function, and it increases oxygenation of your tissues.

Other benefits of exercising: it improves the function of antioxidant enzymes, it triggers the release of endorphins that make you feel good, it counteracts the loss of muscle tissue and bone mass, it prevents osteoporosis.

Diet and exercise affect your genes literally turning the good genes on and the bad ones off.

Ar well-known study found that breast cancer patients who walked 30 minutes a day and ate 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day resulted in a 50% decreased risk of recurrence after 9 years compared to patients who didn’t exercise as much or eat as many fruits and vegetables

In a Sweedish study, a few years ago,  involving over 4,600 men with early-stage prostate cancer the men who walked every day for 20 minutes or more had a 30% lower risk of dying from their cancer and a 30% lower risk of dying from any other cause compared to the men who were less active.

A  2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology showed that colon cancer patients who exercised 7 hours a week or more were 31% less likely to die from any cause than those who didn’t exercise at all.

Swimming would be a good exercise but unless you can find a saltwater pool to swim in, or another source of clean water (ocean, lakes, rivers)  unfortunately almost any pool is chlorinated and chlorine is toxic.

How To Exercise

Always exercise very moderately and never for longer than 60 min at a time. Longer exercise can produce excess amounts of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol which will suppress your immune function thus increasing your risk of infections and illnesses, and drops your natural killer cell count by about 50%.

Exercise but do not be competitive and do not push yourself too hard or you’ll end up in a depleted drained and overtrained state. And if you’re trying to heal cancer you don’t want to divert your body’s energy to repairing strained and stressed muscles when it needs to be focused on breaking down tumors.

Exercise switches on cancer-protective genes and switches off cancer-promoting genes. Exercise improves your immune function and it improves your mood


But you need a lot of rest and you need good quality sleep because sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system and you need a strong immune system.sleep

Most people need eight to ten hours of sleep every night and you need. Live in harmony with nature, with the cycle of the Sun when the Sun rises the light sends signals to your body to wake up and when the Sun sets the darkness the absence of light sends signals to your body that it’s time to sleep.

You need good quality sleep eight to ten hours.

A Japanese study of 24,000 women ages 40 to 79 and they found that the women who slept less than 6 hours a night were more likely to develop breast cancer than the women who slept longer.

Many studies have shown that not enough sleep or interrupted sleep can cause an increased risk of cancer or a make it become more aggressive for patients who didn’t get enough sleep

Even interrupted sleep causes immunosuppression. If you’re a light sleeper and things are waking up in the night you need to make some changes to get better sleep.

Simple Steps To Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Getting into bed around 8:00 or 9:00 and falling asleep before 10:00 would be ideal earlier is fine too

Next, you need to sleep in total darkness because the light in your bedroom at night can interfere with one of the most powerful anti-cancer hormones in your body melatonin.  It’s an antioxidant five times more powerful than vitamin C and it increases the effectiveness of killer immune cells.

Melatonin also increases the activity of superoxide dismutase and glutathione which are antioxidants and detoxifiers of your body. Melatonin promotes cancer cell death in many different types of cancer cells and stops tumor growth

Don’t sleep with the TV. Do not keep the TV on late into the night. Take the sleep that your body needs. If you sacrifice sleep hours to work you will accomplish a lot but you may die very young or get sick very early in life and that isn’t worth it.

Use a sunrise alarm clock that gets brighter and brighter gradually like the sunrise and it wakes you up in a really nice gentle way as opposed to the awful stress inducing alarm clock buzzer or radio blaring

Do not  exercise too late in the afternoon, after 6 pm. it can interfere with your ability to fall asleep and your ability to produce melatonin

Do not take caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol they interfere with melatonin production.

Watch the drugs you take: If you  take drugs, whether it’s prescription or over-the-counter,  be aware that there are over 700 brand name and generic drugs that are known to interact with melatonin so if you’re taking any drug and  if you’re having trouble sleeping at night n that may be the reason why you are having troubles.I would get off of them because most prescription drugs only alleviate symptoms, cause many additional problems in your body over time and never cure your problem anyway.

Talk to your doctor before getting off any prescription medication.

Take naps,  an awesome way to recharge your brain and your body. Take more naps as often as you feel like it, it’s a healthy practice whether it’s 15 minutes or 45 minutes or two hours everybody’s different just take more naps every day if you need to.

Set the temperature of your house or bedroom a little cooler because we tend to sleep better in cooler temperatures around 68 degrees. 

Until next time.

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