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Cancer typically involves abnormal cell division and DNA damage and in some cases, cells form a mass of tissue called a tumor.

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide without control and will invade other tissues.

Healthy cells grow and divide in a controlled way to produce more cells as they are needed to keep the body healthy and when they become old or damaged, they die and are replaced with new cells.

But, when the genetic material (DNA) of a cell become damaged or changed, it produces mutations that affect normal cell growth and division. Then cells do not die when they should and new cells form uncontrollably when the body does not need them. This is cancer.

Another Post About Home Natural Cancer Treatments That Works.

In a previous post, I mentioned a study where hey dripped vegetable juices on cancer cells to see which had the most powerful anti-cancer effects and the winner was garlic.

A similar study on fruit done at Cornell. Dripped with the extracts of eleven common fruits on human liver cancer cells showed that

  • Bananas and grapefruit cut the cancer cell growth by about 40 percent,
  • Red grapes, strawberries, and apples were more effective cutting liver cancer cell growth 50% with a dose that was half as much as the bananas and grapefruit.
  • Tart fruits: lemons and cranberries were the winners of the cancer killing fruit study: lemons and cranberries both significantly cut cancer cell growth at a much lower dose than any other fruit.

Cranberries had the highest anti-cancer phenolic and antioxidant activity and they cut liver cancer cell growth by 85% with only a third of the dose of the apples and strawberries. 

Lemons came in second place and the higher the dose the more effective they all were.

Now, of course, dripping fruit and vegetable juice on cancer cells in a lab is different than what happens in your body but if these foods are killing cancer cells in the lab it makes sense to get them in your body.

Now,  you can get lemons anywhere. The trick with cranberries is finding them because they’re seasonal, and finding them organic. And because they’re also very very tart they’re hard to eat fresh.

Dried cranberries usually have added sugar and oil that’s not a great option either so your best bet with cranberries is to buy organic freeze-dried cranberry powder on Amazon, that way you can just add it to juices or smoothies.

A delicious recipe that only needs two ingredients is this: one whole organic lemon and four organic granny smith apples:

Cut up the apples and the lemon (don’t need to peel them or take the seeds out, peels and seeds both contain anti-cancer compounds) and run them through the juicer and you’ll have some delicious powerful anti-cancer green.

In another interesting 2010 University of Wisconsin study, the researchers took organic apple peels blended them up and dripped them on breast and prostate cancer cells. The apple peel extract was shown to reduce the growth of prostate and breast cancer cells by turning on a tumor suppressor gene, and apple seeds also contain amygdalin aka vitamin-B-17 which is an anti-cancer nutrient also found in the seeds of apricot kernels and grape seeds.

Berries are the most potent anti-cancer fruits.

They can protect and repair damage from oxidative stress and inflammation and they have unique anti-cancer and immune boosting compounds including ellagic acid anthocyanins OPC and caffeic acid so you want to eat berries every day you can. Eat them fresh or frozen just get them in your body.

Eat berries every day in a smoothie.

A good smoothie recipe with berries is: 2 cups of berries, a banana and the juice and meat of a fresh coconut all blended together.

if you can’t get coconuts just blend a handful of almonds or walnuts in filtered water and that will give you a nut milk base for your smoothie

To amplify up the nutritional value of your smoothies there’s a ton of stuff you can add to them, you can add a few dates and a couple handfuls of spinach or kale, a couple of ounces of pure aloe vera gel, you can add flax seed,  hemp seed, chia seed, you can even put superfoods in like goji, acai, you can even put vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Just have fun with it and experiment.

As long as you’re putting in whole foods from the earth you’re doing it right.


Whole Grain Cereals Breakfast – The Multi-Grain Raw Porridge

To build the body, it is desirable to eat a mixture of raw whole grain cereals for breakfast each morning.  The objective of this porridge is to obtain as many different nutrients as possible from as many different seed and grain genes

Ingredients: Mix together well in a large container one pound of each of the following grains and nuts then store in the refrigerator:

  • Amaranth Pumpkin Seeds
  • Barley Rice, Brown long grain
  • Barley Flakes Rice, Brown short grain
  • Buckwheat Groats Rye Berries
  • Corn Meal Blue Spelt Berries
  • Corn Meal Yellow Sunflower seeds
  • Kamut Triticale Flakes
  • Millet Wheat, Hard Red Spring
  • Oat Groats Wheat, Soft Pastry

Preparation: Daily, at bedtime:

  • A. Grind 1/3 Cup porridge grains in seed mill.
  • B. Add 1 Cup boiling water. Stir well.
  • C. Let soak at room temperature overnight.
  • D. At breakfast add fruit, concentrated fruit juice and/or unheated honey to taste.

After two years in the cure, this porridge may be cooked as in oatmeal or other grains — best in a double boiler or on low heat.

Another  Great Breakfast Option is An Oatmeal. 

Gerson Therapy patients eat oatmeal with organic oats every morning. To start you can do whole oats then add fruit like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raisins, figs, bananas etc., they’re all great. Add cinnamon to amp up the antioxidant content.

If you don’t have any fruit on hand you can sweeten it with date sugar or blackstrap molasses which is the highest antioxidants sweetener and it’s rich in minerals like iron potassium calcium and magnesium and you have a super healthy bowl of oatmeal.


The most potent anti-cancer berry is called Amla (Indian gooseberry).

The Indian gooseberry Amla has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  The Amla berry looks like a cross between a green grape and a ping-pong ball and it has the highest antioxidant content of any food on earth, roughly 200 times the antioxidant content of blueberries and it also has the second highest concentration of vitamin C second only to Camu camu (a shrub found in the swamp or flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest).

Just to put this in perspective,  the average American meal has 25 to a hundred units of antioxidants 1 teaspoon of Amla powder has nearly 800 units of antioxidants.

You know that antioxidants are important because they neutralize free radicals which are created in our body every day as a result of normal cell metabolism and when we’re exposed to toxic chemicals radiation and environmental pollution.  Free radicals can damage other cells and can lead to cancerous mutation and cancerous tumors so your body needs a steady supply of antioxidants to neutralize them.

Because chemo and radiation therapy produce mega loads of oxidative stress and free radicals in the body so you really really need antioxidants.

Chemo and radiation will deplete your body’s level of antioxidants very quickly which will cause many cancer patients to show. symptoms identical to scurvy which is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency

Amla this is an amazing fruit, in one study they tested Amla against six different human cancer cell like lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer and Amla killed the existing cancer cells reducing their population by over 50% and blocking their ability to spread.

In another study, it was shown that three-quarters of a teaspoon of Amla per day worked better at lowering high blood sugar than diabetic medications.

Amla also cuts bad cholesterol and triglycerides in half and boosts good cholesterol so this is an amazing anti-cancer anti-diabetes anti-cholesterol medication all-in-one that’s just food.

Add Amla to your anti-cancer diet. The only problem with Amla is its terrible bitter sour taste.

You can find organic Amla powder on Amazon at about 10 bucks for a pound and it lasts a long time. Just start with a quarter teaspoon three times per day added to juice water or a smoothie.

Fruit is great, don’t be afraid of the sugaring it,  and fruit you didn’t get cancer from eating too much fruit.


  • First thing in the morning drink 16 to 24 ounces of filtered water because it hydrates you and it gets your bowels moving.  And you can add things like Amla and Moringa greens powder and lemon juice to it.
  • Next, do 10 to 20 minutes of morning exercise: walk, jog, ride your bike,  jump on a rebounder, do some yoga, some push-ups, do a workout DVD, whatever, just get your blood pumping and your lymphatic system moving and get a little sweat.
  • After that take a shower.
  • Now make your juice for the day. Make 64 ounces of juice that’s eight 8-ounce servings to drink throughout the day stored in airtight mason jars. If you skip breakfast you can drink juice through the morning. If you need more calories go with organic oatmeal for breakfast
  • Mid-morning you might have a piece of tart fruit like a green apple or a grapefruit but any fruit is wonderful: pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, Kiwi, any fruit you want to eat.
  • Lunch is the giant salad.  Unrefined, organic flaxseed oil may be used as salad dressing.  lemon should be used in preference to vinegar
  • Afternoon snack can be a fruit smoothie
  • Dinner is also a giant salad, especially if you have cancer.
  • If you’re hungry between meals it means that you need to eat more: eat bigger meals or you can snack in between meals with almonds or walnuts or snack on fruit: apple, a banana, a few oranges, etc. Don’t be afraid of the sugar in fruit. Take some fruit also 10 to 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.
  • Take a walk after dinner.


For the first 6 months of your anti-cancer protocol food has to consist of a hundred percent raw fruits and vegetables juicing, giant salads, and fruit smoothies. NO ANIMAL PROTEINS  of any kind: meat,  cow milk (except in the form of raw homemade yogurtcheeses, yogurt, etc) whatsoever. 

If raw goats’ milk is available, it is advisable to take 4 to 8 ounces of raw (unpasteurized), homemade goats’ milk (goats’ milk is similar to humans’ milk) yogurt each morning for breakfast. This will supply the intestines with adequate helpful bacteria. This is acceptable because the yogurt bacteria predigest the milk protein when added to it.

After following this diet for 9 to 12 months and if raw goats’ or cows’ milk is available. 9 to 12 ounces per day may be taken at any time during the day.


A cancer patient should never give up all protein.

At the beginning of your cancer cure you stop intake of animal protein  thus freeing the pancreatic enzymes to digest the cancer but your pancreas still needs proteins in order to be able to produce pancreatic enzymes that digest cancer and unless the pancreas is fed adequate protein, the pancreatic enzyme production will stop and the cancer tissue will keep growing.

So, the dilemma is: where can you get the proteins that are good for you?

Vegetable Proteins!!!

During this time your way to supplement your body with protein, because animal proteins are forbidden, should be with raw almonds because they are the principal proteins of the vegetable world. So, integrate your breakfast and lunch with at least a dozen almonds each.almonds

And together with almonds, a mixture of cashews, pecans, filberts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds is also recommended to supplement protein during the first six months when meat proteins are severely restricted. These should be eaten any time up to 1:00 p.m.

Nuts, seeds, and grains should be stored in closed containers in a very cool location. Refrigeration is best if one has the space.

Protein Intake Timing

Animal, as well as vegetable proteins, should be taken at breakfast and lunch only. When this is strictly observed the pancreatic enzymes, used in digestion of protein, are used only about 6 hours. This leaves 18 hours for production of pancreatic enzymes to digest cancer tissue.

This is a good general rule to help prevent cancer in the first place.

Avoid all processed foods

White Flour. All concentrated foods are extremely hard on the liver and should be given up. White flour and all products containing white flour should be avoided. These are not only concentrated carbohydrates but almost always have preservatives added.

Use fresh whole wheat bread, made from wheat grown free of all pesticides (another liver-destroying chemical). The essential vitamins are oxidized within three days at room temperature; hence the need for grinding only as used. Freshly ground flour or freshly made whole wheat bread may be safely stored deep in a deep freeze for about a week. It is best, however, to use it within three days.

White Sugar. The cancer patient will also want to give up all white sugar and white sugar products. The concentrated carbohydrates are hard on the liver but more important in relation to cancer, they are very hard on the pancreas. The pancreas, as noted earlier, is the first organ to be protected at all costs. White sugar has been processed (refined) and all the vital minerals are taken out. Cancer patients are always deficient in minerals.

For those who have a sweet tooth, these organic foods may be eaten as desired: dates, date sugar, figs and raisins obtained from a health food store. These are free of toxic pesticides and are not harmful to the pancreas or the liver.

A cancer patient may also eat pure maple syrup or unheated honey, in that order. The first is preferable because it has a higher mineral content.

Soy Products. Soy products, except Lecithin, should be used very sparingly for two reasons: First, the protein content is too high for the cancer patient; Second, soy products tend to upset the delicate acid/alkaline balance of the body.

Other Improper Foods. For the period of intensive detoxification and treatment, tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, liquor, tobacco, pork, and white rice should be avoided. These also place additional stress on the liver and pancreas as they are being detoxified.

Diet Adjustments

Your is diet is meant to be tweaked based on your metabolic needs. If you’re overweight the raw diet will be perfect for you because you can eat as much as you want and you’re going to lose weight.

But if you’re thin with a high metabolism and you’re struggling to maintain your weight then you need to eat more cooked food so after 60-90 days of raw, you can add some cooked vegetables back into your diet.

Start by adding the cooked vegetables with dinner. Add sweet potatoes, brown rice, (black rice and red rice which have higher antioxidant levels than brown rice and they’re delicious), quinoa or lentils.

Any cooked vegetable you like is allowed just don’t cook them in oil or grease and no fried food, boiling or steaming, baking is best.

All types of beans and peas are wonderful: black beans, garbanzo beans, black-eyed peas, green beans. split peas, chickpeas, lentils.

Dry beans of all types are a good source of food for the cancer patient and may be used two or three times a week at any time of the day. The best way  to prepare them is to cook them at a temperature of 200º F. Place two cups of dried beans (washed) in a bean pot to which you will add five cups of RO filtered or distilled water, five garlic cloves, two tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of sea salt or kelp, and 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Place the pot, (covered), in an oven overnight at 200º F.


As it’s been said and repeated, the cancer patient MUST give up any cooked and commercially produced meat. 

Cooked meat is harmful to the cancer patient, as the very same enzymes used in its digestion are needed for fighting and digesting cancer.

Commercial meat should be avoided for another reason; it has a high female sex hormone content. For commercial reasons most animals, especially beef and fowl produced in the United States have been fed large quantities of hormones. Since an overabundance of female sex hormones is another one of the factors that can initiate cancer, the meat of this type should be excluded from the cancer patient’s diet.

But after you’ve been on a raw vegan diet for at least 6 monthsyou can and should (especially if your metabolic type is carnivore) increase the quantity of protein in your diet and add some clean meat like wild-caught Alaskan salmon, organic lamb, chicken, and beef along with some cooked veggies like sweet potatoes brown rice quinoa and lentils with dinner, and those extra calories will help you get back to your normal weight again.


At this time the cancer patient may have two eggs (preferably raw) each day at any time.  Eggs are a good source of protein — well balanced and the standard by which all protein is evaluated. They have all the essential amino acids in proper proportions.

Proper preparation of eggs: the eggs must be heated in the shell. Bring your eggs to a temperature of 140º F. to 160º F. (which is the normal temperature of hot tap water), for five minutes before cracking them. This way of cooking destroys an enzyme just inside the membrane under the shell that prevents the biotin in the egg from functioning normally. When biotin functions properly, it greatly reduces the cholesterol risks of eating eggs.

In keeping with the use of as much raw food as possible, a good procedure is to eat the eggs raw in a blended drink of some kind, flavored to suit one’s taste.

How Do The Healthiest People In The World Eat

The healthiest populations around the world do eat a little bit of animal food. They eat diets that are about 95% plant based on average and only about 5% animal food.  What we don’t know is whether or not this small amount of animal food is actually health-promoting or if it’s just not enough to hurt you.

if you’re trying to lose weight juice throughout the morning, giant salads for lunch and dinner and fruit or fruit smoothie as a snack. if you’re trying to gain weight definitely eat oatmeal for breakfast the giant salad for lunch, a fruit smoothie is an afternoon snack and then another giant salad with cooked veggies for dinners like rice, beans, peas, lentils, and sweet potatoes.

This is a simple strategy just keep it simple and follow this formula and enjoy your life and the process.


The term meat doesn’t mean just beef or red meat, it includes all parts of all animals: the muscles organs and tissues of all animals.

The term dairy is anything that comes from the mammary gland of an animal milk, cheese, butter, yogurt,  ice cream, and frozen yogurt.

The term animal products include all of the above, anything that came from an animal: meat, dairy, eggs, bone broth, etc.

As we discussed in the anti-cancer diet part one knowing how hormones igf-1, methionine, and heme iron in animal products can fuel cancer growth, the safest approach for cancer patients is to stay off all animal products for the first phase of your healing journey at least 9 months.

But for those of you who’ve been well for a couple of years or if you’re doing this for prevention and you’re eating some animal protein no more than a few times a week here are some things you need to know about the safest healthiest types of meat and the best ways to prepare it.

From The Old Testament

You basically have to follow the same dietary principles as the Israelites in the Old Testament. They were given very specific dietary rules:

They were allowed to eat all seed-bearing plant food but they were given specific rules as to which animals they were allowed to eat.  Some animals were deemed unclean and were forbidden to eat.

They were allowed to eat land animals that had split hooves and chew their cud like cows, goats, sheep, and deer.

They were not allowed to eat dogs, cats, rabbits pigs, horses, snakes, or alligators.

They were allowed also eat any water animal with fins and scales that includes most fish but excludes dolphins seals and whales which are mammals, as well as shellfish.

They were allowed to eat birds like chicken turkey duck and pheasant but no birds of prey or scavengers like eagles, ravens, hawks. The birds they were allowed to eat were mainly herbivores that ate plants and insects but did not kill and eat other animals.

They were not allowed to eat most carnivorous predatory animals and scavengers.

They were not allowed to eat or drink blood from any animal.

What we know now, thanks to science, is that these guidelines actually make a lot of sense here’s why:

Scavengers are the garbage collectors of nature and blood contains a lot of viruses bacteria parasites and heme iron which promotes cancer growth. 

Scavengers eat dead rotting animals and they can carry a lot of diseases, and carnivores kill and eat scavengers so you don’t want to eat these animals.

Pigs and shellfish are the main scavengers that most of us eat. This, of course, includes bacon, sausage, ham, barbecue, shrimp, crabs, lobster, oysters, mussels, squid, octopus, and more.

Many of the other scavengers we just don’t eat. We don’t eat rats and vultures now (they may in Asian and African countries but not so much in Western nations).

So the Israelites had very specific dietary laws as to which animals they could eat and how the meat should be prepared.

The meat preparation.

Done according to these ancient laws is called KOSHER and here’s the process:  first the animals must be free from disease or injury, then it’s slaughtered in a way that is instantaneous and painless to the animal, then all the blood is drained and the internal fat is removed. Then the meat is soaked in clean water for 30 minutes and then it drips dry, then it’s salted for about 60 minutes which draws out more blood then it’s washed three times in cold clean water to remove the salt Then it’s dried, cut up and packaged.

The cleanest healthiest meat you can eat is either wild caught and killed and prepared in a kosher manner or organically raised.

These are important principles because if you do include a small amount of meat in your diet this is the best way to limit your exposure to potential toxins in the meat like cancer-causing viruses, bacteria and, parasites.

If you hunt, follow the kosher guidelines and soak and salt the meat to remove the blood.

More about scavengers.

Pigs are nature’s garbage collectors. They’ll eat anything, they’ll eat dead animals and they’ll even eat their own poop. Pigs don’t sweat and they store the majority of toxins that they collect in their fat.

Barbecued pork is probably the most unhealthy cancer-promoting meat that you can eat. Barbecue is especially bad because the smoking process creates carcinogenic cancer-causing compounds in meat.

Shellfish. Like pigs shellfish also clean up their environment, they absorb toxins and pollution in rivers, lakes, and oceans.

A byproduct of uranium called polonium has polluted our oceans from nuclear weapons testing and waste from nuclear power plants. The largest source of our exposure to polonium comes from eating fish and shellfish because radioactive waste bioaccumulates in the tissues of these animals and in you.

it’s not just shellfish we need to worry about. When a large fish eats a smaller fish it absorbs all of the toxins, radioactive materials, and heavy metals, like mercury, from that smaller fish.

This is called bioaccumulation and the higher up the food chain the fish the more toxic it is.  Tuna, a predator,  along with swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish they eat a lot of smaller fish, tuna contains high levels of mercury. Do not eat those fish.

Other dangers in Sea Food

Another problem with our oceans is radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown which happened in Japan in 2011 and is the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl

In 2013 the Tokyo Electric Power Company admitted that 300 tons of radioactive water have leaked out of their storage tanks and bluefin tuna have been found to be transporting radioactive waste from Fukushima across the Pacific Ocean as they migrate back and forth from Japan to California.

Testing has revealed that Pacific tuna meat contains 10 times more radioactive material so that’s another reason not to eat tuna.

Besides mercury But Fukushima didn’t just cause ocean pollution, low levels of radioactive iodine and cesium have also been detected in rain drinking water, grass, and milk samples all over the US.

One test found that milk samples in San Francisco had ten times the legal limit of radioactive iodine,  and the highest level of radioactive iodine in rainwater was found in Boise Idaho and that’s nowhere near the Pacific Ocean.

Other scavengers to avoid are catfish,, crawfish, shrimp, crab, and lobster: they are all absorbing toxins from the environment you don’t want to eat them.

The Bacteria We Get From Our Food Stores

In 2013 Consumer Reports found fecal bacteria in over half the ground turkey meat theymeatstested. 90 percent of the samples had one or more strains of harmful bacteria including Salmonella and Staff,  and sixty percent of the samples had E-coli and, get this, the organic ground turkey was just as contaminated with bacteria as the conventional varieties and almost all of these harmful bacteria were antibiotic resistant except for the ones they found in the organically raised antibiotic free turkey.

In 2013 the FDA reported that

  • 81% of Turkey,
  • 69% of pork chops,
  • 55% of ground beef, and
  • 39% of chicken parts

in supermarkets were infected with an antibiotic-resistant superbug, this bacteria is the third leading cause of hospital infections. The report also found that 74% of poultry contained antibiotic-resistant salmonella.

Nearly 80% of the antibiotics sold in the US are used on animals that are being raised for food: roughly 30 million pounds of antibiotics are used on animals every year that’s four times the amount of antibiotics used on humans, and harmful bacteria in commercially produced meat is a real problem.

The way we eat meat now is very different than our ancestors think about it, our ancestors would raise livestock and kill it or kill it in the wild then they would cook it and eat it immediately, they weren’t shipping it across the country they weren’t refrigerating it and it wasn’t being handled by multiple people.

The more time that passes between when an animal is killed and when you eat it the higher the risk of the meat having significant bacterial contamination. It’s very easy to protect yourself from this stop eating factory farmed meat.

By the way, ground meat is the worst when meat is ground up it exposes more surface area which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Ground meat can contain as much as a hundred million bacteria per quarter pound patty and even if the meat is completely cooked the dead bacteria still release endotoxins into your bloodstream which causes an immediate inflammatory response in your body. That typically lasts about five to six hours after eating animal protein so if  you think about people who eat meat, three times a day their body is in a state of chronic low-grade inflammation and endotoxin chronic low-grade inflammation can lead to a host of diseases: Crohn’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

These are just a few reasons why you should keep your meat eating to a minimum and you may find that once you stop eating meat you have no desire to ever eat it again but if you feel like you need it every once in a while if you feel a craving for it once you’ve broken your addiction to it, after a few months let’s say it’s okay. Listen to your body if you have meat every once in a while I don’t see it as a big threat but  cancer patients should stay off all animal products in the first phase of healing


Now let’s talk about the safest ways to cook meat.

We know we have to cook it to kill the bad bacteria and viruses but cooking meat at high temperatures also creates cancer-causing compounds called heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which have both been linked to various cancers: kidney cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

One study found that people with the highest consumption of meat cooked at high temperatures had a 70% greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Fried bacon and fried fish are the worst, they have the highest concentrations of these mutagens: about five times more than beef or chicken.

Chicken cooked without the skin has twice the levels of mutagens than chicken cooked with the skin on and meat cooked medium-rare has two-thirds less cancer-causing compounds than meat cooked well done but when you eat undercooked meat you risk exposing yourself to live bacteria and viruses like salmonella, E-coli, bovine leukemia virus, and more so you don’t want to overcook your meat and risk creating these cancer-causing compounds but you don’t want to undercook your meat and risk exposure to viruses and bacteria so what do you do?

Well, for years boiling meat in soups and stews was considered to be the safest cooking method because it kills pathogens and it doesn’t create those carcinogenic compounds but in recent years there have been some new discoveries in the world of nutrition science with regard to safely cooking meat.

Help From The Spices

Multiple studies have found that marinating meat with herbs and spices spicesbefore cooking blocks the formation of heterocyclic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. One study found that a marinade blend with garlic, ginger, thyme, rosemary, and chili pepper reduced HCA production by 90% in pan-fried beef.

Another study compared different marinades on grilled beef steaks:

  • A Southwest marinade with paprika, red pepper, oregano, thyme, black pepper, garlic, and onions all wonderful spices reduced HCA’s by 57%.
  • An herbal marinade with oregano, basil, garlic, onions, jalapeno, and parsley reduced HCA’s by 72%.
  • Caribbean marinade with thyme, red pepper, rosemary, black pepper, allspice, and chives reduced HCA’s by 88%.

Another study published in Food Control found that just marinating in lemon juice could reduce the PAH content by as much as 70% so the takeaway is if you’re going to eat meat either cook it in a super stew or marinate it in lemon juice, garlic, onions, jalapenos, oregano, paprika, red pepper, and black pepper and that will dramatically reduce the formation of these cancer-causing heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


The cleanest meat you can eat is whole cuts of organic pasture-raised grass-fed,  kosher meat ideally from someone you know who either raised it or killed it in the wild.

Avoid ground meat is a bacterial balm.

Avoid also undercooked meat. it contains a lot of bacteria too, so cook it thoroughly.  Even the dead bacteria in meat causes inflammation in your body which is another reason why


Avoid barbecue and charred meat.  Overcooked meat contains cancer-causing compounds like heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Marinating or boiling in stews are the safest ways to cook meat because these methods kill all the bacteria and do not create cancer-causing compounds.

The more meat you eat the higher your risk for disease. Meat can be a cancer promoter if you have cancer stop eating animal products. If you want to prevent cancer eat less meat a few times per week or less is a good rule of thumb to follow.


The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein,  basically no carb diet that mimics fasting. When you fast your body goes into ketosis and switches from burning glucose for energy to burning fat.

The hypothesis is that cancer cells primarily feed on glucose and have a hard time to convert fat to energy so the ketogenic diet is supposed to starve cancer cells and they die.

About around 2013 awareness of the ketogenic diet exploded thanks to several big online influencers and since then many others have jumped on the bandwagon trying to make a name for themselves as experts on the ketogenic diet for cancer writing articles creating websites running cookbooks etc.

There’s one study where the ketogenic diet combined with hyperbaric oxygen helped rats with cancer live a little longer but they still died.  In another study, the ketogenic diet made radiation work a little better for brain cancer in rats.

There’s also a viral article online claiming that the ketogenic diet works better than chemo for most cancers. One of the top researchers in the world on the ketogenic diet for cancer dr. Dominic D’Agostino has publicly stated that this is false.

Bottom line is the ketogenic diet has not cured cancer in rats studies or in human studies.

When evaluating a potential anti-cancer cure strategy it’s important to look past all the hype and ask the most important question of all: where are the survivors?

Cancer survivors have healed cancer with nutrition and natural therapies.  Their protocols typically involve

  • a plant-based diet,
  • juicing supplementation,
  • detoxification, and
  • exercise as well as
  • spiritual and emotional healing

All the foundational things covered in these posts on Cancer Cure are time-tested methods validated by the majority of long-term natural survivors alive today.

There are no long-term survivors who have used the ketogenic diet to heal.

There are a few people online who’ve gotten some attention for treating their cancer with a ketogenic diet in recent years but you can count them on one hand:  a few were doing well, several have had their cancer returned and some have died.

Remember it doesn’t matter how good the science sounds, survivors are the true test.

The ketogenic diet is an experimental diet and while we all have to be for self-experimentation until there’s a substantial list of long-term survivors who’ve reversed their cancers with a ketogenic diet then it’s not to be considered the best anti-cancer diet.

If nothing else worked you could give it a try but it should definitely not be your first choice.

If you have cancer or if you have a high risk of recurrence, the best first step is to adopt a 100% raw organic plant-based diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables for the first 180 days after which you could add some cooked food if you need more calories.

in the next post, we’re going to talk all about the best detoxification methods and how to reduce your toxic load.

Until next time.

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A doctor taught me to never take pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. I have made efforts to learn everything about natural cures and healing since.

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