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Stress can contribute to triggering cancer.

How to identify and eliminate the health-destroying stress in your life.stress

Chronic stress can make you sick.

Stress is a major contributor to disease: major emotional issues, bitterness, negativity,  unforgiveness, resentment, unforgiveness jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, insecurities, regret, worry, and fear cause major stress  (first in your mind and then in your body) that if you don’t address them, the stress in your life can outweigh anything else you do so all the diet, the supplements, the juicing, etc., all of that can be outweighed by stress.

What happens in your body when you’re stressed

The strong emotions that cause stress trigger a physical response in your body that’s known as fight-or-flight and immediately your body starts pumping out the stress hormones.

The two main ones are called adrenaline and cortisol.

Adrenaline can give you extra strength and power to fight off or to run faster or to lift a car and cortisol gives you the energy needed to do so by telling your liver to convert glycogen to glucose and then dump it into your bloodstream so it will  circulate to all of your cells and give your muscles fuel to use to either fight or to run away.

So adrenaline and cortisol are working together to give you power and energy to fight for your life or run away. 

When they are working,  these hormones also switch off parts of your body that are not essential and not necessary in that particular short-term life-threatening situation.

They switch off your digestive system, your reproductive system, your immune system, parts of your brain like the memory. 

The part of your brain that becomes dominant when you’re under stress is what’s called  “the reptilian brain” that’s where your fight-or-flight response is, it’s your instinctive brain.

When you’re under stress you’re very impulsive and irrational and sometimes make bad decisions because you become driven by primal survival instincts.


There are two kinds of stress: 

Acute stress is a short-term stressful event, a stressful short situation that has a beginning and an end (you’re running from a tiger and you jump over a fence for safety the fear subsides your heart rate slows down and all your systems start back and again everything goes back to normal).

Chronic stress is the day-in-day-out grinding stress from our worries, cares, and fears and from all the negative thoughts and emotions and all the problems we have in life that you can never get away from. It’s following you it’s tracking you and you have to keep moving because it’s coming. It’s not the extreme stress of a fistfight but it’s elevated.

If the stress hormones are elevated for long periods of time cortisol promotes weight gain which leads to insulin resistance which leads to obesity and together with adrenaline both promote inflammation in the body.

Chronic inflammation and obesity are leading causes of cancer.

Stress also affects your digestive function inhibiting nutrient absorption and leading to gastrointestinal problems (acid reflux, ulcers, IBS Crohn’s, colitis and a number of other problems.

Chronic stress suppresses immune function so you get sick more because immune systems is weak, contributes to lack of sleep which raises your stress hormones even more.

So, if t stress hormones can help save your life in a dangerous situation but if they stay elevated from the chronic stress they can be very destructive.


The sources of stress that you need to identify and eliminate in the first place as much as possible is negativity.

Because the number one source of stress is negative information, the stress reduction step number one is to turn off the news, stop watching it on TV and change your web browser homepage to something that doesn’t display news headlines.

You have to get away from anything negative, stressful and unhappy and surround yourself with positivity, instead watch things that bring you joy and happiness and encouragement and inspiration.

If you’re in an unhealthy emotionally toxic work situation you need to consider getting out of there move to a different department or location or get a job transfer or maybe even a new job, if you’re surrounded by people that are abusing you mentally emotionally verbally it’s not good for you.

When you have chronic stress, the addition of traumatic life events that can happen in your life can push you them over the edge, it could be a divorce, a lawsuit, a business failing, a physical assault, the death of a loved one or a pet, the loss of a pregnancy, a new job, a move or many of the above happening in succession

The number two source of stress is people.

There are people in your life that stress you out.  They may be coworkers, friends, even family members, neighbors.

They drain your energy they’re constantly antagonizing you or needing things from you, they’re criticizing you and doing things that hurt your feelings and they’re frustrating you and they’re making you unhappy,  they suck you dry they may be taking advantage of you or they may be physically abusing you.

You need to get away from these people as much as possible.

Move out if you’re in an abusive relationship.

If you have difficult relationships with family members, people you want to stay close but you don’t like the way they’re treating you need to set some new boundaries with them. The goal is to create a peaceful quiet life that is conducive to health and healing.

If you have a bunch of kids you may need to lay down the law and set some new rules in the house with your kids and enforce them another example,

Think positively that will produce happiness in your mind in your heart.


There are three types of cancer patients; the first type of patient is positive and optimistic they’re hopeful they’re encouraging other patients and they’re excited about the future and about getting well.

The second type of cancer patient is fearful, now they’re all a little bit fearful but some are overwhelmed by fear and you can see it in their face you can see it in their eyes they’re afraid to hope.

The third type of patient is negative and bitter and unhappy and you hear it when they open their mouth.

Never be afraid. Always stand an fight hopeful in your victory over disease.

Until next time.

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