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This fifth post of the “A Home Natural Cancer Treatment That Works” series is all about how to detoxify your body.

The main goal of detoxification is to help you reduce your toxic load. You want to reduce your toxic load as much as possible.

Understand that your body is always detoxifying and if it wasn’t so you would die very quickly.  Your liver and your kidneys both continuously detoxify your blood and excrete those toxins in your pee and your poop.

Your liver processes all the metabolic waste and toxins that come into your body whether it’s something you ate or inhaled or it’s the metabolic wastes produced by healthy cells or dead cells

Your body has to get rid of all that stuff because it’s toxic to your body.  Has to break down metabolic waste that happens in your liver and then excrete it.


So, your liver and your kidneys both work together to keep your blood clean, they are constantly filtering and cleaning your blood and your lymphatic fluid but if your body gets constantly polluted with unnecessary toxins then your liver and kidneys can get overloaded and that will damage their ability to work over time.

Your liver dumps bile which is toxic metabolic wastes into your large intestine to be carried out the back door when you poop so being regular is very important the more you poop the better you detoxify.

When you pee and poop you’re detoxifying.  Your liver has two phases: phase one is toxins collection and processing and phase 2 involves a little more processing and excretion.

Generally speaking, you should be pooping like two to three times a day

Your lymphatic system is the detoxification highway on to which your body and your cells dump metabolic waste and your lymph system carries that waste away to your liver and your kidneys to eliminate it.

You also eliminate toxins and detoxify through your skin with your sweat. When you sweat your sweating out toxins and some particular toxins are eliminated more through sweat than any other way.

So sweating is very important to maintaining health for this reason antiperspirant are terrible because they prevent you from sweating, therefore, toxins get trapped in your body.

Do not stop that process, your body needs to get that stuff out, you don’t want to trap toxins in and around your armpits and breast tissue. when you sweat you’re detoxifying

Your lungs excrete toxins 24 hours a day. Your lungs remove toxins from your body when you exhale and your skin excretes toxins from your body when you sweat.lungs

Your body neutralizes some toxins that your body has converted to carbon dioxide in your blood and returns to your lungs and when you exhale out they go so every time you exhale you’re detoxifying.


The most important principle in detoxification is STOP TOXIFYING.

 Stop putting stuff in your body that is hurting you stop poisoning and polluting your body.

Cigarettes smoking, eating a processed food diet loaded with toxic artificial additives, preservatives, flavors, colors, sweeteners, trans fats, etc. are the leading cause of cancer.

Stop smoking, stop eating a processed food diet that your body doesn’t know what to do with and they have to be detoxified because they’re not nutrients.

Switching to a Whole Foods diet is a huge right step. There was a recent study where they took a group of people off a standard Western diet and put them on an all organic diet and just within a few weeks the amount of pesticides herbicides and fungicides and other toxic chemicals in their urine went way down.

If you can’t get organic produce that’s okay just eat tons of fruits and vegetables anyway the benefits still outweigh the risk. But the absolute best protocol is eating organic because we’re trying to reduce your body’s toxic load as much as possible and the less work your liver has to do to detoxify toxins the more it can detoxify what’s already in there that needs to get out.

As it has been said in previous posts, animal products carry a lot of toxins and create more work for your immune system.

Farmed animals not only harbor viruses bacteria and parasites but are also are injected with antibiotics and hormones and they eat unnatural GMO feed to fatten them up and they could be drinking polluted water.

If your immune system is overloaded by all the toxic junk that keeps coming in through your mouth then it has less resources available to heal cancer and other chronic diseases that may be caused by those toxins so eliminate processed food reduce or eliminate meat and dairy and eat organic


If you’re drinking tap water then you are more than likely drinking bleach and fluoride and sodium hypochlorite, that’s chlorine, they put in our drinking water to kill harmful bacteria that can breed in municipal drinking water.

Chlorine and fluoride are toxic and they can cause cancer, and  besides those two your drinking water could also be contaminated with other cancer causes like arsenic, lead, cadmium, or hexavalent chromium, depending on where you live

You really need to purify your drinking water. There are three ways you can do it:

 -You can get a countertop distiller, you could get a reverse osmosis system which mounts under your sink, but they’re really pricey and the filters have to be changed a lot or

– You could use a BERKEY water filter which is even portablerequires no power or water pressure and it’s super economical. 


The Berkey’s Features: 

  • It removes hundreds of contaminants: bacteria, parasites, heavy metals like lead and mercury, VOCs and toxic chemicals like benzene, chlorine and chromium-6, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs and more, to levels higher than 99.99%.
  • It removes 95% of fluoride and arsenic. The fluorosilicic acid your city puts in your water is a toxic waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. It poisons your body, does not help your teeth and most filtration systems do not remove it.
  • Is gravity fed! So it doesn’t need electricity or water pressure. You just pour water into the top chamber and it filters down into the bottom chamber, clean and ready to drink.
  • Is portable. and it’s perfect to have in an emergency situation like an earthquake, hurricane, You will never have to worry about not having clean drinking water. This thing will even filter pond water!
  • Is economical. The 2-gallon model) costs about $250,  and the two Black Berkey filters inside will purify 6,000 gallons before needing replacement. If you drink 10 gallons of water a week, it will last you about 11 years at a cost of fewer than 2 cents per gallon. Most water filters need replacing after 3-6 months!


The number one of toxic cancer-causing heavy metals is mercury which causes cancer, (and some vaccines still contain mercury as thimerosal)  and that’s one of the reasons I don’t get flu shots or any type of vaccine.

But an even bigger source of mercury exposure is eating tuna: one serving of tuna gives you six times more mercury than a flu shot. And like tuna, we have tilefish, swordfish, shark, and king mackerel,

Also farm-raised fish can be very toxic, like farm-raised salmon, It has really high levels of PCBs which is a toxic byproduct of manufacturing

Another toxic heavy metal is aluminum. 

The highest source of dietary aluminum is from cheese because many cheese manufacturers use an additive called sodium aluminum phosphate, ta form of salt that enhances the flavor and texture it making cheese smooth but on the cheese package in the ingredients they just call it salt.

Other forms of aluminum, like aluminum sulfate, are often used in baking powders pickles relishes flour and canned meat.

BODY CARE PRODUCTS (that don’t care at all)

Now let’s talk about body care products, lotions and potions, oils, and makeup for your skin, talcum powder (which has been linked to ovarian cancer? or tampons 85% of which carry traces of the toxic herbicide glyphosate and roundup.

The chemicals in them are all absorbed into your skin and go directly into your bloodstream so they circulate throughout your entire body.

There’s a long list of potentially toxic ingredients used in skincare and they don’t even have to disclose them all on the label.  Switch to organic all-natural body care products, get away from the major brands because many of them are not using safe non-toxic materials.

The Environmental Working Group has a large database on their website of body care products and in their site, you can type in virtually any product on earth and it will show you what’s in it and give it a clean or toxic rating so to find out if the brands you are using is potentially toxic. On their site, you will find also top-rated household cleaning brands.


Your mouth too, (what’s in it) can be a significant source of toxins. If you have silver fillings in your mouth there’s 50% mercury. Mercury is cancer cause, it’s the most toxic non-radioactive metal on earth

Mercury is extremely bad for your brain and your liver and pretty much your whole body and if you have silver fillings in your mouth they’re releasing mercury vapor into your body all day.

The other thing in your mouth that may be causing problems in your body is a root canal. You’re leaving a dead tooth in your mouth when you do a root canal and dead teeth need to come out so your body can fully heal because root canals can allow anaerobic bacteria to colonize in the space where there’s no blood flow. You could have a non-healing site under the root canal down in the cavitation and it is causing problems in your body.

Root canals and mercury fillings are two things you need to consider getting removed or replaced. Find a holistic dentist and get them safely removed.  You can find a holistic dentist at IAOMT


There are some simple things you can do:

1. Check your diet, Switch to an organic plant-based diet.

2. Remove all of the potential toxins from your home and your work environment the two places where you spend the most of your time.

3. Check your home for the presence or Radon gas. 14% of lung cancer is caused by radon gas.  Get a radon gas test kit and check your home

4. Check your home for the presence of Mold. It could be making you sick and leading to chronic infection and suppressed immunity which can lead to cancer.  

5. Stop using the harsh household chemical cleaners. like, dish soap, dish detergent, laundry soap, laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner,  switch to natural non-toxic biodegradable organic cleaning products you can find them on EWG org

If  you’ve got a garage full of chemicals and your bedroom is above it clean it out  or consider not sleeping over the garage

6. Stop burning candles and incense in your house most of them produce toxic chemical vapors and smoke.  Diffuse essential oils instead

7. Check for electro pollution around you.

If you’re living right next to giant powerlines that could be a problem because the low-level electromagnetic fields coming from those power lines could be making you sick there were even studies done in the 80s that linked them to childhood leukemia.electro-polution

If you live in an apartment building you could be surrounded by dirty electricity, you have electrical wires running through every wall in your home and they’re all radiating low levels of electromagnetic frequency.  This is where the precautionary principle comes into play better safe than sorry

Put your Wi-Fi on a timer so it turns off at night or switch from Wi-Fi back to Wired.

Don’t sleep with electronics near your head especially your cell phone.  Ionizing radiation from your cell phone penetrates your skull so use speakerphone or earbuds and keep it away from your body as much as possible. Put it on airplane mode if you have to keep it in your pocket for a long period

8. Check for air pollution around you.

Make sure you’re not living on a former toxic waste dump or near one. If you’re living in an industrial area that could be air pollution and water pollution.

If you google “cancer clusters” you’ll find a map of known areas with high rates of cancer you can also google EPA Superfund sites, these are sites that are known to be EPA toxic waste hazard sites around the US.air-pollution

If you live near a cancer cluster or an EPA Superfund site you may need to move, especially if multiple neighbors are getting cancer if more than one person in your house is diagnosed with cancer that’s a major red flag and you should get the heck out of there

Your workplace is the same story, especially if you’re working around chemicals or working in the manufacturing industry you’re breathing in all kinds of toxins dust smoke fumes plastic paints solvents dyes, anything that’s producing smoke soot dust or fumes could be poisoning you a little bit every day.  It’s not easy to change jobs I know that but no job is worth dying over you may need to get a new job or move to a new department our new location.

9. Check your emotional and physical stress level

If you’re living in a high-stress situation or a high-stress work situation that’s emotionally toxic; it is going to break you down and cripple your immune system.  You need to detoxify not just your body but also your mind and your emotions and get away from toxic people.

I do not intend to make you become a  freaked out paranoid but always assume that anything around you could be contributing to your disease and with cancer we know it’s a convergence of many health destroying factors, it may not be one major pollutant it may be a bunch of tiny toxins all poisoning you together so eliminate as many of these things as possible.

Cancer does require a total life change and in some cases that could mean a move or a career change.


Best if you adopt all of them together.


An organic plant-based



There are different types of fasting

one is the water fast water fasting, it is an incredible therapy that supercharges your immune system. In a study that came out a couple years ago they found that during a 3-day water fast old and damaged immune cells die off then when you start eating again your body ramps up production of new immune cells so fasting basically reboots and recharges your immune system.

They even found that when cancer patients water fasted 24 hours before chemotherapy treatment the treatment worked better because water fasting weakened the cancer cells.

Most people can handle a 3-day water fast without any problems but if you have a serious health condition you should check with your doctor before attempting it.

Fasting gives your body a break from digestion and when you fast your body switches from normal daily operations to repair and regeneration mode, you’re giving it a break which allows it to pay attention to things that have been overlooked and it will break down and recycle the useful parts from old and damaged cells.water-glass

With the added benefit of weight loss.

During a fast, your body will also break down fat for energy. Fat is your body’s secondary energy reserve., glycogen which is stored in your liver and converted to glucose is your body’s secondary energy reserve.

If you need extra energy then when that glucose runs out your body starts burning fat so it takes about 24 hours to burn through the glucose that’s stored in your liver and then once you burn through that then your body will start burning through body fat.  If your active the first day of your fast your body will burn through the glucose faster and switch to fat-burning sooner.

Fat is a place where your body stores toxins so when you start a fast whether it’s a water fast or juice fast as your body starts to break down the toxic fat you’re gonna feel bad, you will have detoxification symptoms they call it the Herxheimer effect or the healing crisis.

Some people experience this just from converting from the standard Western diet to a raw food diet or a when you start burning through body fat. Your body starts dumping toxins into your bloodstream and they circulate around and your body has to process them in order to excrete them and during that process, you’re gonna feel lousy. Some typical reactions are low energy, headaches, nausea, aches, and pains. You could get diarrhea,  vomiting, fever, pimples, rashes, you might even run a fever. 

Your immune system ramps up into high gear when you have a fever, a fever can wipe out a host of viruses bacteria and parasites in your body that you didn’t even know you had and stuff is going to come out in a lot of different ways: if you’re toxic you might throw up. If any of those things happen it’s because there’s some serious detox going on in your body, just power through it

The best case scenario is you just feel lousy,  no energy, maybe a bit of a headache for a few days.

The worst case could be pretty rough for a few days but remember if and when you start feeling bad just remind yourself this is normal you will get better and when you get over that detoxification hump usually after a few days, worst case a week, you will feel amazing and there will be a point in the fast where you feel so good that you may think to yourself that you never need to eat again, which of course is not true and eventually you will get hungry and that’s a good time to eat.

How long you should fast is something that you should determine if you want to just get your feet wet you can do a one day water fast that’s pretty easy but a three-day water fast is really the optimal minimal length of time. 

The next step down from water fasting is juice fasting some people will start with the 3-day water fast and then do a 3/5 or a 10-day juice fast and then when they come out of the fast they’ll transition to raw food lots of fresh fruit first and incorporate vegetables as well

The optimal starting point for most people is three days on water and 5 to 10 days on juice and then on to raw fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be all raw but mostly raw is great

The more body fat you have the longer you can fast

All fat really is stored energy, if you have a lot of extra body-fat it’s a burden to your entire body.

We know that obesity is the second leading cause of cancer so a nice benefit of fasting is a quick loss of body fat and that’ll help you get back down to a healthy body weight.


if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to weigh do a google search for BMI scalecalculator or search in the App Store of your smartphone and you just type in your height and your weight and it will tell you if you’re underweight, normal overweight or obese.



When you move your body you’re increasing circulation of your blood and your lymphatic fluid and they both carry toxic waste away from your cells.

You have three times more lymphatic fluid than blood but the lymphatic system does not have a pump it only moves when you move and contract muscle, this circulates your lymph system

Movement sweat and deep breathing all detoxificate.

When you exercise you increase blood circulation which is delivering oxygen and carrying away toxins, you increase lymphatic circulation which is also carrying away toxins, you sweat which is excreting toxins, and you deeply breathe right and that’s excreting toxins through your lungs.

But you don’t need intense exercise if you’re on a water fast. just walking or bike riding or bouncing on a trampoline is fine. 

Do not do strenuous exercise like weight lifting which will distract your body from the repair and regeneration that happens during a fast.


Deep breathing.

Do this every day. When you breathe in oxygen it helps clean your blood and when you exhale, breath out, you excrete toxins that have been converted to carbon dioxide.

Deep breathing moves the lymph system around your chest. It is easy, you take a deep breath to fill up your lungs as full as you can hold it for a few seconds and then push it out all the way.  Repeat as long as you wish to start gradually from ten times up.

There’s a powerful breathing technique called the Wim HOF method:  you take about 40 deep breaths in a row and on your final breath you take a huge breath, exhale completely and hold it for as long as you can. Start with ten deep breaths and work your way up.

Breathing techniques can be done multiple times throughout the day

Breathing oxygenates and alkalizes your entire body, promotes detoxification and oxygenates your cells which protects cells from cancer invasion.


Take supplements.

From cruciferous vegetables, especially broccoli sprouts that are known to help detoxify the body because they’re are easier to take in supplement form.

Another one is chlorella, a blue-green algae that’s known to bind to heavy metals and pull them out of the body.  Just make sure it’s not from Japan as it could be contaminated by radiation from Fukushima.

Other herbs that combine to heavy metals and toxins are milk thistle, red clover, and burdock root.

Additional supplementation could be very beneficial but if you just want to take a detox supplement and not change your diet and lifestyle you’re wasting your money and the benefit will be negligible.


Are the best liver detoxification method I know.

You insert coffee into your body rectally, it goes straight to your liver and it stimulates your liver to secrete more bile.

It makes you feel good, and often you see a noticeable improvement in pain reduction and relief from cancer-related symptoms and it stimulates liver detoxification.

Coffee enemas were listed in the Merck Manual. up to the 1970s You can get a coffee enema kit with everything you need and

instructions on Amazon.


Ozone therapy.

Is a powerful detoxifier of the body. Many integrated practitioners use ozone therapies like ozone saunas, rectal and vaginal insufflation, IV, and also have their patients drink ozonated water which is something you can do at home.

Ozone raises your blood oxygen which increases detoxification and helps alleviate the detox symptoms that a lot of people experience.


Water is really important, it helps flush things out of your body. When you eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables you’re eating a water-rich diet that helps your body flush out toxins.

You’re also getting a lot of fiber. A plant-based diet that’s rich in water fiber and starch makes you poop regularly two to three times per day.  the starch and fiber absorb the waste that’s dumped by your liver and carries it out quickly.

A diet that’s low in fiber, that’s all meat and dairy and processed food causes constipation. That kind of food moves through your body very slowly and it putrefies and creates fecal mutagens and you reabsorb some of those toxins and you end up in a state of chronic Auto-intoxication.

Also, many prescription drugs cause constipation.

A powerful liver detoxifier is broccoli sprouts like all of the but broccoli sprouts have the highest concentration of sulforaphane more than any ot


her cruciferous vegetable or any other food on earth it’s the most potent liver detoxifying food known and you can eat up to four cups of broccoli sprouts per day.

Get them in your body every day.

Until next time

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